A Corner In Plant World

A Scientist’s Dream “We’ve always been about sustenance,” says the spokes-plant, “since the Beginning.” “Yes,” I say, “and you were here before we were, hoping to say the right thing to these plants that, just a few minutes ago, dragged me from my lab into this what? Plant World?” “We feed every living thing fromContinue reading “A Corner In Plant World”

Observe the Beast

Dealing with the Internal Dialogue Last time we introduced the internal dialogue as a major obstacle to our progress, not only in the practice of intentional breathing, but also in finding the focus required for a strong life. We said these “thoughts” from our internal dialogue were not what we call thinking; indeed, they areContinue reading “Observe the Beast”

To Those Who Serve

Is this what we have been preparing for? People who provide service are everywhere: doctors, police, lawyers, alternative healers, midwives, food preparers, tarot readers, nurses, active military, veterans, motorcycle clubs that watch after abused children, social workers, clergy, service organizations and by now you know I’m way short on the list of people who doContinue reading “To Those Who Serve”

Carta a los Servidores

Quizá hemos estado preparando para esto toda la vida… La gente que provee servicio está por todos lados: doctores, policía, abogados, sanadores, parteras, gente que prepara comida, lectores del Tarot, enfermeras, militares activos, veteranos, motociclistas que apoyan niños abusados, el carnicero de la tienda, trabajadores sociales, el clérigo, organizaciones de servicio y ya para ahoritaContinue reading “Carta a los Servidores”