To Those Who Serve

Is this what we have been preparing for?

People who provide service are everywhere: doctors, police, lawyers, alternative healers, midwives, food preparers, tarot readers, nurses, active military, veterans, motorcycle clubs that watch after abused children, social workers, clergy, service organizations and by now you know I’m way short on the list of people who do for others.

All these roles, whether they’re good guys or bad people, whether they’re Mother Teresas or shister entrepreneurs, have one thing in common. They’re bringing some service to the rest of us, agreed? It’s just something many humans do, service.

I started writing this to fellow healers, local providers, readers, life coaches, etc, but then I realized we are only part of the service story. Most of our patients and clients provide for others and sometimes need a hand from the burden. Many times it’s the mother who carries broken families or the father frustrated at not being able to support his family, or the teacher spread too thin spreading the word. People who serve.

Helpers help helpers

Speaking then to all of us who serve in some sincere manner, this viral challenge has increased our workload. This affects to the student in the first day of medical school as it does to the medical professionals on the front lines right now – God bless them! It applies to the food worker and the police-person, and to the alternative healers who will soon work on worn medical professionals and people who can’t find healing anywhere else. And it affects the teenager who feels an inexplicable drive, in this crazy world they’ve inherited, to help out.

As I face my fears in this crisis I am reminded that it was just these kinds of pressures – someone sick, something rotten in life, loved ones dying, traumas all around, hard challenges, since our youth for many of us – that led us, recruited us, convinced us into a life of service. The 10 year-old who watched 9/11 happen on TV, serves in Afghanistan, the child who was raised around illness becomes a surgeon, the cop who saw the dark side growing up wants to save the old neighborhood.

Makes one wonder about our children now as they watch our government’s blockbuster reality show and who are quite possibly facing the loss of someone they love. What, who, will they be in 2030? What we do now will go a long way to shape that answer.

In other words, fellow servers of humanity, perhaps this world health crisis and all the challenges lined up underneath it are

What we have been preparing for all along

These crisis, challenges, hardships and illnesses are what shaped the healing and evolution we have been privileged to see at this altar, for half a lifetime now. Those battles have formed us; as they say, those battles define us.

It’s not the first time we face the unknown, and so here we are facing, once again, a serious threat to world health and dealing with a new daily reality.

What an incredible opportunity!

Now we sharpen our focus, we cast away procrastination, we sharpen our skills, we watch, learn, adapt and move higher and higher in the actualization of the unfathomable human potential. Some of us have already died in this battle and some more will die, yet many who survive will evolve into leaders and professionals for the next generation.

Be certain much will be learned in the arts of healing and transformation, as the evolution we all feel in the Earth, indeed unfolds.

May Your Sun Ever Shine

Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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