We make art of life in the sacred hoop, with classes

Since we embarked on this road we have shared teachings with each person – how to better defend themselves, to be more alert, aware, to create a better partnership, or to free themselves of an addiction.

We don’t work with the aim of making our customers dependent on us. Rather the idea has always been to leave the customer better, stronger, more at peace, and mostly prepared for the challenge of life on Earth.

In a certain way everything we do is about teaching and learning, a dance, so to speak. We have quite a bit of material to share and much more to learn.

Isn’t that what they do in schools?

Currently we have four courses prepared: The Quest, an individualized class. The Shamanic Journey, transformation for self and community, La Santa Muerte, the Angel of Death, spritual work with a misunderstood deity, and Amulets and Totems, tools of the trade. We’re also working on a class called Healing In Sacred Hoop.

With the arrival of the virus, as you know, everything changed. We are editing our classes and expect to have a new configuration soon.

Meanwhile, we are offering classes, so if you have any questions, please

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