Observe the Beast

Dealing with the Internal Dialogue Last time we introduced the internal dialogue as a major obstacle to our progress, not only in the practice of intentional breathing, but also in finding the focus required for a strong life. We said these “thoughts” from our internal dialogue were not what we call thinking; indeed, they areContinue reading “Observe the Beast”

Intentional Breathing: What’s The Internal Dialogue?

You know exactly who that is. When you intend a breath – count it, hold it, feel it, whatever puts your attention upon it – it becomes power. The more you do it, the more you’ll feel the power. If you’re reading about the internal dialogue, you’ve likely been working on your meditation and intentionalContinue reading “Intentional Breathing: What’s The Internal Dialogue?”

Intentional Breathing: Religion?

Does religion improve your results? “Just don’t talk about religion or politics.” This is an old expression some of you will recognize. They used to tell us that going into a new job or school. Seems to be good advice these days, especially. When we began our dialogues around Intentional Breathing, we said to benefitContinue reading “Intentional Breathing: Religion?”

Intentional Breathing: Let’s Do This!

Knowledge is Power, Only if Applied At this point in our Intentional Breathing series, we’ve brought light to meditation myths and have said that the power of intentional breathing is a basic, built-in tool for the human struggle. And, remember this? Intentional breathing basics?   Concentration. Breath in and out through your nose, full nasal.Continue reading “Intentional Breathing: Let’s Do This!”

Intentional Breathing: Part 2, Expanding

Applying What You Already Have If you read our last installment you know we’re spreading awareness about using the power of intentional breathing without religion. Nothing against religion, but that’s not a commitment one needs to make to enjoy the benefits of focused breathing. It’s an inherent human ability.  Quick review, the benefits of intentionalContinue reading “Intentional Breathing: Part 2, Expanding”