Raise An Altar

Empower your Spiritual Path What does it say about you reading an article about raising an altar? Divine expression is worth time and energy, maybe? At some level, from whatever spiritual/religious background you come from, you’ve either decided you need that divine communication (whatever you believe that is) or you’re thinking about it. And whyContinue reading “Raise An Altar”

Day of the Dead

The Real Thing, Part 1 In this humble altar, the Day of the Dead, comprises a floor of knowledge that fuels almost everything we do, including healing, blessing, teaching, seeking the best life possible. We can’t list here how many philosophies, methods, inspirations, and powers we have learned and used from participating in the actualContinue reading “Day of the Dead”

Ceremonial Structure

IT’S TIME TO DO THIS It’s Ceremony time! If you’re doing a Fall Equinox Ceremony on September 22, this is last minute guidance. If you’re working on the Personal Ceremony for Gainful Employment, this is the final instruction, and maybe it’s time for you to schedule that. If you are doing both ceremonies, this mayContinue reading “Ceremonial Structure”


Can Making Ceremony Help? Most of us are familiar with ceremony from being raised in a religious background, a military organization, and so forth.  Whatever our upbringing may be, ceremony is available, and in some cases required. A human thing. Unfortunately, many of us, at least in my generation, see ceremony as empty and hypocritical.Continue reading “Ceremony”