PURPOSE. Compose your goals. What do you want the hemp/other do for you? We recommend a little extra attention to this step. Of course, you seek healing, but something more detailed is good, and more importantly is why you want the healing. Something like this, “I want to sleep better to have a better day at work and good time with my family.” this step alone, your purpose, changes worlds. We suggest your final goal is 10-15 words long, something you’ll memorize after a few days.

CIRCLE. Your medicine is likely in a circular container, like so much that surrounds us, circular. Along with your Purpose, becomes significant. As you may imagine, the Circle has innumerable uses, but here it represents the harmony of healing.

Something simple, doesn’t have to expensive, nor complex, unless you want it that way. It can be a small space on the medicine cabinet or on a shelf, perhaps an altar. Place 3-4 articles in a round, with your medicine as one of the items. Now you have a Circle, a Circle that you are making sacred with your Purpose and the symbols you bring to the space. We’ll talk more about symbols in Elements part.

ELEMENTS. What symbol says healing to you? The Caduceus? A Rabbit’s foot? A Pharmacist’s mixing bowl? Perhaps a picture of what healing looks like, maybe from a magazine or one you draw.

One symbol is enough, but is you like number work, three symbols create a change dynamic. Four symbols would say harmony and order. Use your imagination. You have both the right and the ability.

ROLES. I’m assuming you have the only human role in this, but if you have family, a partner, friends who might join, the synergy increases with agreement and harmony. If you want to talk more about this, we are available.

Your Role is to be alert, in your Circle or near. Breath deep two three times. The idea is to lower the noise, to hold all the issues, for at least a couple of minutes.  Your healing and the achievement of your goals are worth the effort.

Here you can honor you religious/spiritual roots, invoking God in whatever way you believe. One invokes deity to help, to state your Purpose.

This is your decision, but important to know, if you have the purpose of healing, it’s not necessary to bring in religion. You are already speaking to your True Self, the being with the medicine and the energies needed. Everyone has this ability.

All these efforts contribute to directing the healing, taking advantage of different medicine, both the 3D meds, plants and supplements, and the invisible medicine as well.

TIME. We say that knowing “the appropriate moment” is the key to all wisdom, magic and religion – knowing when and for how long. We recommend, as many meds and supplements do, 30 days.

To know if this exercise and your medicine did you any good it would be good to gauge how you feel at the beginning. Go with two or three descriptors, pain level, mental attitude, perhaps measuring your waist, if you’re working on losing weight. A simple easy log to record good days and bad days wouldn’t be bad either.

Let us know how it’s going. We are here to serve.

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