Curandero Services

We make art of life in the sacred hoop.

…it’s our mission. The philosophy of doing everything as if it were fine art, with elegance and precision, comes to us from the Toltec Tradition, by inheritance, study and experience. After 20 years working the altar for family and friends, we decided to go public. That public came to name me curandero. We didn’t choose the title, but we accept it. In the Latino worlds, the word curandero has multiple local meanings, fromwitch doctor to saint. This altar is traditional Mexican medicine with Toltec roots.


This is a common and routine cleansing of the energy body. At the same time the Limpia can reach miraculous levels. It clarifies one’s path, at the least, but it can remove deep evil as well.
  • 20 minutes, strong with blessing toward your need, $40
  • We also do cleansing/blessing to home and business, including up to six family members/employess, $200


Consultations at this altar include an evaluation of the issue, determine the best way and take action to perform it. Our goal is always to improve in some way the path of the seeker.
  • An hour to two hours; includes a limpia; we go to the grain, the seed of the issue. We begin or complete the necessary work in this consultation. $75
  • We want to see good results and we stay in touch to follow through. We don’t want any more money until you make progress.

The Quest

Sometimes we need solutions that require deeper work. The need for this usually becomes evident during a consultation or a limpia.

  • Soul retrieval, ancestral healing, healing trauma and chronic pain, ceremony, novenas, long term healing work.
  • We like to price this work at what we call “student rates.”

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