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We make art of life within the sacred hoop. We offer spiritual healing, hemp oil in a holistic way and classes on all three. In addition, we have a somewhat active blog with several articles on spiritual work, hemp, intentional breathing, ceremony and the art of finding.  

My name is Michael Callas. They call me Mike or Miguel. We’ve followed this path for 35 years. First it was simply following the path where we were led in a traditional manner. As family came, I realized I was carrying some family medicine that needed to be developed for family and friends. We raised a family, made a career and followed the Mexica-Chichimeca-Azteca sacred dance, Concheros, as best we could.

That’s where we found more about the Toltec inheritance.  A major focus of our tradition the making of art wherever we put our hands. No matter if we’ re warriors or priests, employers or people of service, if we do our thing with art – elegance and precision – everything goes better, for yourself, for your family and for your future.

The sacred ring is the world that surrounds us, from afar and up close; the sacred hoop is where we put our hand. If we go with that awareness of making art, we come to realize that it is also art in what we do for others, making art of their life ­healing, medicine and teaching. That began in earnest when we opened our medicine to the public.

There have always been sacred plants near the altar, to protect us, teach us, nurture us, and guide us. We took a hard fall and found ourselves unable to walk, much less work the altar. With Toltec based meditations and with the power of hemp we reopened our altar and we use our legs pretty well.

That’s why we take the name HempCredible, with a twin sister named CanaCura in Spanish. That little plant is sacred here, just like the healing and teaching work we perform.

Anyway, welcome to little altar.

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