Theme: Truth & The Seven Generations

5/27 Today we brought a Wing to the ceremony and when it landed on the altar we remembered an old teaching, namely the Seven Generations principle.

We live life with the seven coming generations in mind so that the way we live now makes it better for them. In terms of our recent dead, each of them were and still are a part of a generation, so we added a petition that their death and suffering serve to bring better times to the next seven generations.

In the song for the dead we sing. there’s a passage, “…that the Holy Rosary (nine day ceremony) break their chains.” May it be so. El es Dios.

Comments, Participants Day Four 

“Today I participated at 6. I couldn’t concentrate much and although I don’t like that, we got the work in… I only thank God and the Santita, and you all for helping these souls find their way to God. I know that with prayers and singing we contribute a lot. Thank you and God bless you always.”

“Yes, I’m sure everything is good.”

Published by Mike Callas

Named curandero, healer, by the people we serve, we're close to 40 years living around our humble altar. Our experience has created a legacy we are inclined to share, as well as inspired many a story and the making of myth. In true toltec fashion, we make art.

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