Theme: Love and the Dancing Dead

6/1 It took me a while to understand the last phrase of the daily petition, “…because I believe in the energy of my true self.” Don’t think now that I understand it yet, but I do know that it refers to our True Self, that self that is eternal, the one that knows everything the human self has to face, the self that always knows peace.

In a way we could say, “I may not know exactly what to say but it’s coming from that True part of myself,” a statement of sincerity, perhaps?

FYI, the speakers of this ceremony are gathering tomorrow to perform a monthly observation of the Santa Muerte and to say thanks for this Novena we were able to perform. We’ll bring mostly edible offerings (which the Dead share with us afterwards), light and smoke. We’ll be at our altar with, among other items, the objects we brought to the Novena. Among these you might have noticed the tile of the Dancing Dead in the image above. Our hope is that our recent dead have something to dance about. El es Dios.

May Your Sun Always Shine

Published by Mike Callas

Named curandero, healer, by the people we serve, we're close to 40 years living around our humble altar. Our experience has created a legacy we are inclined to share, as well as inspired many a story and the making of myth. In true toltec fashion, we make art.

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