Honor Your Ancestors: Don’t Ignore DNA

It’s a fact of life. Blood. If there’s anything we have in common with other humans and the animal kingdom, it’s blood. That includes, of course, everything that goes with blood: the blueprint we’re made from plus our physical, mental and spiritual traits. The blood we come in with determines to a great extent howContinue reading “Honor Your Ancestors: Don’t Ignore DNA”

Intentional Breathing: What’s The Internal Dialogue?

You know exactly who that is. When you intend a breath – count it, hold it, feel it, whatever puts your attention upon it – it becomes power. The more you do it, the more you’ll feel the power. If you’re reading about the internal dialogue, you’ve likely been working on your meditation and intentionalContinue reading “Intentional Breathing: What’s The Internal Dialogue?”

DIY Limpias: The Right and the Power

You have the Medicine in you. Limpias are cleansings of the excess and foreign energies that we human beings attract over the course of our lives. In many Hispanic, Latino and indigenous communities, the limpia is a functional practice that falls under the heading of traditional medicine. We see medicine as anything from the realmsContinue reading “DIY Limpias: The Right and the Power”

Finding Healing, Part 1

Awareness, Acceptance, Intention, Treatment, Results The Act of Finding is a critical skill for us human beings. Whether it’s finding things, or jobs, or answers, we need to find it if we are to proceed. We’ve looked a little bit at the huge subjects of finding Love and Success. Of course, there’s so much toContinue reading “Finding Healing, Part 1”

Ceremonial Structure

IT’S TIME TO DO THIS It’s Ceremony time! If you’re doing a Fall Equinox Ceremony on September 22, this is last minute guidance. If you’re working on the Personal Ceremony for Gainful Employment, this is the final instruction, and maybe it’s time for you to schedule that. If you are doing both ceremonies, this mayContinue reading “Ceremonial Structure”

Intentional Breathing: Religion?

Does religion improve your results? “Just don’t talk about religion or politics.” This is an old expression some of you will recognize. They used to tell us that going into a new job or school. Seems to be good advice these days, especially. When we began our dialogues around Intentional Breathing, we said to benefitContinue reading “Intentional Breathing: Religion?”

Spirit Hemp: Homeostasis

The Motherboard From Hemp and the Three Chronics, “Let’s say it like this: Homeostasis speaks of a most special balance! We find that talk about pills, memory and prayer can happen in the same conversation, for one. We believe it one of the most holistic, full circle frameworks – mental-contextual – we’ve ever seen! OfContinue reading “Spirit Hemp: Homeostasis”