Honor Your Ancestors: Don’t Ignore DNA

It’s a fact of life.

Blood. If there’s anything we have in common with other humans and the animal kingdom, it’s blood. That includes, of course, everything that goes with blood: the blueprint we’re made from plus our physical, mental and spiritual traits. The blood we come in with determines to a great extent how we will deal with the environment we are born into.

Regarding the Ancestors, it’s clear that while the ancestors are gone, body and soul, they appear to be very much in our blood, as per the best science of the day, in its way proving the pertinence of honoring our ancestors.

Not only do we get the color of our eyes and shape of our hands from our ancestors, we get the talent with numbers, a strong back for hard work, but we also get the alcoholism, poverty and abuse.

What does this tell us?

Whether you believe in an afterlife, in ghosts, in the religious beliefs around ceremonies, or not… whether or not you believe in ancestral homage of any kind, they are still with you, simply a third dimensional reality.

That’s some strong words there, but more than that, strong facts. Is something in your blood bringing scenes into your life that you want, the strengths of the family blood? Or is it bringing scenes you don’t want, like addictions and abuse? Are you harvesting your potential and breaking through, or are you trapped in a pattern, or a bottle, or a nowhere relationship?  

The biggest question, after all the DNA research that has come out, is: can we enhance DNA traits, can we change them, heal them?

Scientifically sound programs are coming to light, to bring out the best of our DNA and to eliminate some of the worst. We read a book, Super Genes by Deepak Chopra. Deepak’s conclusions about the future of this subject and the amount of research he points to is amazing. If you search Google for the same topic around DNA, you’ll see work with sound frequencies, music and mind control, to name a few, going on now.


Our ancestors told us most of this a long time ago. Told us, in fact, it was our duty – each human being’s – to clean our blood, told us how the sins of one generation affects future generations, told us how to respect the departed, help them to help us, told us where the departed are and what they go through, set us days and times to communicate and honor the dead, and wrote down much of it, enough to fill a few libraries. Wow.

I’m not only talking about the ancestral traditions that I am proud to be a member of; I’m talking about the ancestral traditions in your blood, too! East, West, Native American, African, Caucasian, Neanderthal, Asian, Christian, Muslim, lunatic, name it. Every one of our bloods has a story for the dead.

Are these good reasons to Honor Our Ancestors, especially when it includes making changes that improve our life better in the process? While we will be sharing some traditional ways of honoring the old ones, Toltec ways specifically, in our Altar Work series, here, in the Ancestors Series, we want to keep it generic, multi-faith, multi-dimensional: at least for anyone who has active, living blood coursing through their bodies, and naturally, all of those who speak to us from our blood.

Want to do Something?

We offer a simple way here to both honor your ancestors, and to test whether or not any benefits are available to you and yours. Before we do, we need to define “honoring.”

We know honoring means showing esteem and respect; however – and important for our purposes here – it also means complying with an obligation, fulfilling a promise, implementing a promised plan. That’s precisely the element of the definition that will make this mutually beneficial to both you and the ancestors being honored.

Nobody likes being obligated by something we don’t really understand, but we have the blood we have. It means we accept the fact of our blood, our DNA/our ancestors, and so acknowledge their role in our life.

Think of it as being a conjoined twin. You’ll have differences, but what are you going to do? To have a good life you have to embrace the obligation.

With that thought in our mind, our next installment of the Ancestors series, Simple Ancestral Synergy will present a simple, generic, non-denominational approach that alerts you to expect a benefit (or many) from its practice.

You know we’re prone to going with the spiritual side of this coin, so you’ll see that, of course. We really hope, though, you’ll also see our deep respect for science and how it supports the spirituality.  

The main idea is to give you a door into this ancestral/DNA question so you can try it and determine for yourself if it is more than nice thoughts.


Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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