Five Toltec Principles

A Reset for Spiritual and Religious Confusion As promised in the Are We Sheep? article, here are Five Toltec Principles that helped us reset our spiritual and religious confusion. As you may imagine, for us these principles are sacred, for oh so many reasons. Please note, we use Toltec with a cap to indicate theContinue reading “Five Toltec Principles”

Who Are Earth People?

Will They Survive? If you answer, “All people living on Earth now,” you, of course, would be right. However, when you look at our progress as the human race it’s clear we have to look at how we’ve progressed. We have this huge home in the sky, and we’ve come so far from caveman daysContinue reading “Who Are Earth People?”

Day of the Dead

The Real Thing, Part 1 In this humble altar, the Day of the Dead, comprises a floor of knowledge that fuels almost everything we do, including healing, blessing, teaching, seeking the best life possible. We can’t list here how many philosophies, methods, inspirations, and powers we have learned and used from participating in the actualContinue reading “Day of the Dead”


A Reciprocal Dynamic In our first article in the ancestral series, we say that whether or not you have a spiritual or religious affinity to your ancestors matters little. Your ancestors are in you, living blood, aka DNA. Not sure how you’re feeling about this overall, but we offer a practical approach below. Start byContinue reading “SIMPLE ANCESTRAL HARMONY”

Observe the Beast

Dealing with the Internal Dialogue Last time we introduced the internal dialogue as a major obstacle to our progress, not only in the practice of intentional breathing, but also in finding the focus required for a strong life. We said these “thoughts” from our internal dialogue were not what we call thinking; indeed, they areContinue reading “Observe the Beast”

Is Bioavailability Spiritual?

As per Google search, bioavailability refers to “the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect.” In other words, it’s about how much medicine actually goes to our support. Regarding hemp, considering the fact that less than 10%Continue reading “Is Bioavailability Spiritual?”