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The Motherboard

From Hemp and the Three Chronics, “Let’s say it like this: Homeostasis speaks of a most special balance! We find that talk about pills, memory and prayer can happen in the same conversation, for one. We believe it one of the most holistic, full circle frameworks – mental-contextual we’ve ever seen! Of course, it helps hemp work better, but it helps anything you’re doing work better as well.”

For this article I decided not to put much faith in my academic abilities, and I asked the Little Plant, Hemp, for help. If you get anything from this be sure to thank a Hemp Plant somewhere.

Fascinating word, homeostasis. The word can hit you different ways, at least the first time. When I saw “stasis” my head went to “static,” which for me connotes boredom, status quo, stagnation, fear of change.

Of course, there’s the “homeo” part of the word which also has some variations in connotations. Anyway, I had to get through all that because Hemp Oil was helping, and they claim it upgrades my overall state of homeostasis. Thought I’d better find out what that is.

Pictures of homeostasis led me to definitions and scientific stuff way beyond my academic capacity in the world. I found it came from a combination of Greek, English and Latin. It means “staying the same,” but not in the sense of flat, non-moving or stalled. It means stay the same in terms of “balance and consistency.”

Balance and consistency apply to a dynamic, something in motion; a system, perhaps!

We have systems in our body whose purpose is to provide homeostasis, balance and consistency as our bodies live life and all that entails. Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Endocrine System, Digestive System, Nervous System, Immune System, …

These are complex systems made up of blood, tissues, cells, their movement, production of fluids for dissemination to the right places at the right time, and as I mentioned earlier, science out of my reach.

And this, Dear Readers, is where Hemp meets our Body Systems. All of those systems I mentioned, and probably many others of which I’m unaware, produce cannabinoids, among their other functions.

Cannabinoids, you may recall, are the healing agents of hemp, marijuana and CBD. Our body, in other words has an endocannabinoid system – it produces cannabinoids as part of our entire health system. This was discovered circa 1992 and eventually led to legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes and more research.    

The logic is really simple. Our body produces cannabinoids to maintain our health, old as milk, and so do Hemp and Marijuana produce cannabinoids. When we need cannabinoids, we eat hemp – simple, hunter-gatherer stuff.

I heard one lady say it went to the “Motherboard!” That was when I understood the word enough to start using it in sentences (the way we were taught in school).

“Homeostasis and Motherboard” describe well how we perceive the medicine working on us: subtle, deep, in flow.

While it didn’t always relieve the pain as much as I’d like, it changed the course of the pain.

Logic: Our body has mechanisms to help us with pain and inflammation. When we feel it, our mechanisms go to work.

If the problem persists, we know the mechanisms aren’t working. I can take acetaminophen to relieve symptoms, but my body doesn’t produce acetaminophen, does it?

What happens when I send something in that’s native to the body, to assist the Motherboard, if you will? I may still need the acetaminophen, but as my system gets stronger, can I begin to phase it out?

That’s my logic. Thanks for listening, but what will the concept of homeostasis do for you?

Holding the concept of homeostasis as a major health goal could be a gold mine in the progress/process of your life. Even if you aren’t the picture of health you dreamed for yourself, could seeking homeostasis – a balanced, nurtured, dynamic – via hemp or the other avenues that exist, help in the long run?

It wouldn’t be bad, for instance, to have all systems in the best available balance when we leave the Earth, would it? I know that carries the concept to an extreme but isn’t our physical state, and its state of homeostasis, a factor every moment we are alive, to the last one?

Let’s take it a bit farther. Look around, doesn’t every living thing you see require balance and consistency – a good mix – for a better existence? Trees, flowers, animals, other human beings?

Now think about what might happen if we kept the idea of balanced, well-running systems in our daily life.

Homeostasis all around!

Seriously, when we tell our mind we want something and we insist on it, our mind will go to work. If you believe in the holistic approach to your own health, homeostasis is required vocabulary.


Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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