Why Are Spiritual Practitioners Called Seers?

Or What is Magic? The work of this traditional altar happens mostly in the spiritual, invisible, worlds that surround us. Some worlds surround us closely, like our skin or our organs, or the ground beneath us. Other worlds start right beyond that, like with the next person, the house next door. Perceptions makes a betterContinue reading “Why Are Spiritual Practitioners Called Seers?”

Raise An Altar

Empower your Spiritual Path What does it say about you reading an article about raising an altar? Divine expression is worth time and energy, maybe? At some level, from whatever spiritual/religious background you come from, you’ve either decided you need that divine communication (whatever you believe that is) or you’re thinking about it. And whyContinue reading “Raise An Altar”

Five Toltec Principles

A Reset for Spiritual and Religious Confusion As promised in the Are We Sheep? article, here are Five Toltec Principles that helped us reset our spiritual and religious confusion. As you may imagine, for us these principles are sacred, for oh so many reasons. Please note, we use Toltec with a cap to indicate theContinue reading “Five Toltec Principles”

Who Are Earth People?

Will They Survive? If you answer, “All people living on Earth now,” you, of course, would be right. However, when you look at our progress as the human race it’s clear we have to look at how we’ve progressed. We have this huge home in the sky, and we’ve come so far from caveman daysContinue reading “Who Are Earth People?”