Ceremonial Structure


It’s Ceremony time!

If you’re doing a Fall Equinox Ceremony on September 22, this is last minute guidance.

If you’re working on the Personal Ceremony for Gainful Employment, this is the final instruction, and maybe it’s time for you to schedule that.

If you are doing both ceremonies, this may help.

Beginning: FOCUS

You and what you believe are the first role you step into. If you’re invoking Deity, now is the time to call. State your purpose as well as the result you are seeking.

This is also the time to thank participants for being present, if applicable, and to assign roles. The goal of a good beginning is your deep respect for the forces about you and the quality of your approach.

“Good morning, Creator, we thank you for allowing us the time and place to seek help for the coming Winter with all the issues we are facing as a nation and a global community.

Thanks to all of you (traveling, getting a babysitter, simply supporting us) joining us in the ceremony. Paul, I hope you’re still good with watching the fire and Mary, thanks for holding the water.

Creator, you know our need better than we do, so permit us to share our desires on the matter, or to seek your counsel, or to release our pain,”


The Circle moves here, or rather our purpose moves through the circle. We go into detail, microscopic when applicable, about what we want. If we are making speeches, singing songs, taking medicine, making offerings or anything else, the Middle is when it happens.

This is where the motivating feelings that brought us here come out, when men cry like babies and women say what’s been on their mind. Feelings are the power behind the ceremony.

Mary, above, could offer water to the Four Winds, say her piece as she goes about her work. Paul can do the same with fire. You might tell the story about what got you here – a story of the energy that is now the middle of the actual ceremony.

You tell your story while you hold a special feather, which has been consecrated for one speaker at a time. “And that is what brought us to this point.”

You pass the feather (to the left, clockwise) to Mary who will tell us, “How water is so critical to what we are asking today…

Mary does her thing and passes the feather to Paul and eventually, it gets back to you. Feelings in movement around the circle.

Ending: Assurance

Summarize what just happened, and why it was done, and be grateful for it, to all attendees, living human participants and other forms.   

Some like to bring the circle around by everyone moving clockwise toward the door, closing things in formal fashion.

If you’ve planned something like throwing a Paho stick, a prayer stick, or maybe a special song or poem, this is a good place and time, but use your judgement as this may also fit in the middle.

“Thank you Creator, for hearing our call as we go into Winter. Thanks, as well, to each of you. Would anyone like to say something as we close the circle today?”

That done, “Thank you again, Creator, we look forward to your grace, power and gifts in this coming Winter. Aho.


September 22, 2020, we will perform a Fall Equinox Ceremony here locally. We hope several readers will do the same. If you came this far in Making Ceremony, will you perform it and tell us how it felt, how it goes?

Not knowing your job/career situation, I can’t apply any urgency to it besides the urgency you apply for yourself to make this part of your life better. Will you Make Ceremony for the job you want? And tell us about it? Especially the part when you get the job!


Making Ceremony can change lives. You’ve likely witnessed it one way or another, or maybe you trust what we’ve told you about it. We appreciate that and hope you can benefit somehow. Either way, maybe it’s time you experience it for yourself.

Yes, that’s a challenge!

Our next article on Making Ceremony will report on our Equinox Ceremony and a Personal Ceremony for a Job that we will perform for others. Remember, it’s in the feeling.


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