ALTAR WORK: A Simple Egg Limpia

Let’s talk about that egg a bit, or more precisely: that Egg. That little guy has three positive destinies ahead of him/her, at least positive from our point of view.

One: she can experience life at the chicken farm – the courtyard life – laying many eggs, or she could be a he (therefore a Rooster) and be the cock of the walk.

Two: he can wind up at the grocery store in one of those little egg boxes (a long way from the chicken farm) to be consumed by humans whose life would be in the pits without Eggs.

Three: this little Egg knows about removing foreign energies from living organisms.

I mean, obviously, the Egg didn’t learn it or plan it quite the way we describe knowing, but Egg’s power resides in the energies that flow through it.

OK, basic physics: everything is made of energy. Those energies have purpose and duty, and the programming to do both. These energies make babies, grow cotton, fall off trees, make something tasty or make something poison. Any life that comes to this planet has to face those energies, good and bad. In other words, Egg has to survive an onslaught of energies to reach one of those three destinies.

That sounds a little like the struggle a sperm cell endures to be the “chosen” one that manifests a soul, doesn’t it?

Egg has a serious job: LIFE. Egg promotes life, supports life and simply is life. For instance, if any air gets in Egg’s shell, all destinies are off the table (except maybe number three, depending on the circumstances). Does this maybe remind us of our own birth?

Weren’t you pretty much like an Egg at some point in the process of conception to age 0?

“A little bean,” our baby doctor said at the imaging of our first baby.

Consider what Mama and Little Bean (which looks a lot like Egg, too) have to do for 260 days during this critical human cycle. The little Bean-Egg has to eat, breathe, be warm, cool off and together, Mom and Baby make sure a thousand different systems are functioning properly for that entire period so it has a chance at life!

That’s the human gestation period and Egg has one of those, too. It’s about 21 days for our feathered benefactors to sprout. In many ways they are like a very simplistic model of us.

Wait, are we just giant Eggs thinking we’re something else? Kidding, of course, but on the spiritual/metaphysical side of things, our aura is often compared to the shape of Egg. Many traditions refer to our overall energy make up as a “luminous egg.” Luminous means light, which we need in order to be, just like Egg.

It appears we have a certain parallel energy with Egg. We are both made of energies needed to experience life. We both have instincts to protect the future. One could say we have some life function in common.

The best we can think of regarding the science in this, being that we’re not scientists, is that Egg has some kind of magnetic quality to it that picks up foreign energy on other living beings.

In the scientific movement known as the Theory of Everything, quantum physics says there are four basic forces in the universe: Strong force, weak force, electromagnetic energy and gravity. If you place the energetic exchange you are having with Egg in that perspective, maybe it isn’t superstition. Maybe there’s some science to it?

Our shared life function is coming together, Human and Egg, in the cause of increasing the quality of our survival. Two Eggs dancing.

The Simplest Egg Limpia Ever

Set an egg out a few minutes or overnight in order to make it an Egg and your partner in this limpia.

Set a clear glass or plastic cup that from now on will be only for Eggs (no more drinking from it). Fill it half-way with water. Do this the same way you’re doing the Egg, giving it a little consecration time.

Learn the word “Pass” as we use it here: an elegant, subtle and effective action of a hand and two objects. In this case the hand uses Egg to connect to one or two Human Eggs, so to speak. The pass-over, pass-under, pass-around, pass-at, touch it, don’t touch it or come close to it are all valid passes. Using passes becomes second nature with practice and becomes a personalized tool for life.

Take the Egg and begin the passes over yourself or the person for whom you’ve chosen to perform a limpia, two minutes or maybe longer, as you judge best. Make crosses, circles, infinity symbols, touch the Egg and withdraw it, as if you are withdrawing something, linger with the coolness of the Egg on the eyebrows at the temples, trace your chakras, tap all the joints, whatsoever comes to your mind and hand, organized or random, it’s all good.

While you are doing this affirm you are seeking clearing and clarity. Say it, sing it, pray it, think it – again, whatever comes easy to you, put your words into it. Elaborate as you are inspired.

Break the Egg into the water, throw away the shells and wash up well. Keep the Egg and glass close overnight or a few hours, then send it down the toilet. Wash out the glass or cup for next time.

Note: Eggs in water like this show many things about the energy that was cleared out of the person. This is a topic that will come again in the future, since we did promise simple this time. You could also send us a picture of the Egg and we’ll give it a shot, You know we’d love to hear about it.


Published by Mike Callas

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