DIY Limpias: The Right and the Power

You have the Medicine in you.

Limpias are cleansings of the excess and foreign energies that we human beings attract over the course of our lives. In many Hispanic, Latino and indigenous communities, the limpia is a functional practice that falls under the heading of traditional medicine.

We see medicine as anything from the realms of matter, space, energy and time that improves our life, our path and our relationship to the Earth.

Many of us seek a limpia when stress comes in extra doses, or maybe once a month, whether we need it or not. When we feel an emergency, be it of this world or something from the invisible worlds, a limpia is the first thought for many of us.

A previous article, Altar Work: The Limpia, provides some more background and covers one of the most common limpias, performed with an Egg, and sometimes to add more juice, accompanied by Chile and Lemon.

When the altar hosts quick limpias, it’s a 15-20-minute movement of thought, emotion and other energies. It changes one’s perspective, or clears the mind at a minimum. Many times illnesses show up and get some healing, along with clearing conflicts in the person’s life. Even patients who are working with a doctor will come for a limpia for help from the spiritual/emotional/mental side.

Last thing, as we arrive at our point, limpias can be done a thousand ways at every level of need, for a minor headache or for PTSD.

We want you to realize you have the right and power to perform limpias on yourself and others! And we hope you try it.  It’s a human skill, not for just a few. It’s for humans to face life on the planet Earth. (It gets dirty down here!)

Perhaps some people do have additional skill, perhaps “sight,” that allows them to see more detail and perhaps move more energy. But that is a vocational thing. Just because you’re not a mechanic doesn’t mean you can’t work on the car.

All of us, lawyers, laborers, bus drivers, along with healers, have lives that go haywire: at work, at home, in relationships. When we humans fall off our train, we seek clarity in the issue, along with healing, of course, or conflict resolution, maybe an exorcism.

Just being human gives us the right to seek help from the world around us. This can mean I ask my brother in law for a loan or I buy some eggs, or just maybe, go perform a limpia on myself.

We’re talking in essence about an intervention to an energy contrary to our well-being. We want to interrupt the negative flow that’s crept into our lives. Again, we know the intervention may take more resources than a limpia, but maybe a limpia is a good place to start.

Over the next couple of months, we want to share a few ways to do a limpia, from the simplest possible ways to more traditional, established limpias, such as the Egg, Chile, Lemon and more complex methods.

We’ll talk about good times for a limpia and outline a method. Every method we share will have a thousand variations and options, so we offer these methods as seeds you can grow into a tree. Once you do it a few times, trust us, you’ll get creative.

To show you what I mean, let’s start with the foundation of absolutely everything: our breath. Think about it, what better place to cleanse the self than your very source.  

You’re feeling lousy, things aren’t working, husband’s upset at you… this is a good time for a limpia. However, there’s no money for a visit to a curandera until payday, and that’s still two days away. You find suddenly the Simplest Self-Limpia Ever!

The Simplest Self-Limpia Ever!

Covid Factor: Wash your hands thoroughly before and after this exercise, before contact with anyone else. Be at least 12 feet away from anyone when you do the exercise.

Exercise: Take a few deep breaths. Fill, expand, your belly, then cup your hands to your mouth. Blow all the air out into your hands, then release your hands out, like you’re getting rid of something, because my friend, you are!

Repeat that a number of times, a number you like, maybe three times – always magical or four times – always brings order. At the very least you will find a little clarity. As always, we’d love to hear how it goes.

Think it through with me. Your stress is in your breath, in every breath you take, whether you know it or not. If you intentionally push out that stress, through your breath, shouldn’t some of it lift?

That was a seed you can grow into a tree… and if you’re interested in how this breath work becomes a tree, check out the following article. It’s a classic Eastern technique that we recommend for some of our customers. This breath not only cleanses you for the moment; used over time, it can do deep cleansing work.

Nine Purifying Breaths, by EternityofSpirit


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