Finding One’s Mate

Not so easy sometimes

After all is said and done much of our work is about finding something: finding peace, work, love, lost objects, pets, healing, vision, mission, career, self, True Self, the God Seed and maybe just finding a good place to eat, finding is a serious human skill.

Our attention, however, is so drawn the immense amounts of information placed, non-stop, in our thinking. One can get so involved in trying to interpret and actually use things that we forget what we are looking for.

And if we don’t look for our needs and wants, we simply won’t find them by mistake. This is about intentional finding.

Today we talk about that major human drive of Finding a Mate. In this search the quality of who we find is quite significant. Most of know how to find some love, but we don’t always find what we think we found. 

Let’s remember, though, before hearts start flying that all seeking stems from the drive to find ourselves.

The times we live has made online dating one of the ways people find their mate. Many do well and many don’t, just like before online dating, while classified ads did the work, and then before that. The search evolving online simply multiplies all the good and all the bad. Of course, we want success. The desire, the approach, the embarrassments, the seduction plays, the twin flames and the betrayal beds, too – now online – make things much faster and wider ranging than ever in human history.

So “love” is available, but why is it that highly desirable men and women continue to mate with the wrong, often negatively patterned choices? The names change but the dark side comes up the same over and over.

When that negative pattern reveals the questions come. What’s happening inside this person? Is there a history of abuse? Are there some deep issues?

The answers show us the hidden poisons of past abuses, neglect, and so forth. How many times do we see those past abuses, of sexual/emotional misconduct, ruining current relationships? 

“It’s in the past and I just have to move on.” How we wish it was that easy.

True it happened in the past and fortunately we do have many ways to heal the effect of past pain, trauma and damaged self-esteem. Consider please, that within the umbrella of healing, sex and love are the most intimate things humans do, isn’t it logical that the healing should be proportional to the poisoning, at least in intensity, if not in time duration, as well?

At a profound level, the craziness of staying with someone who’s hurting you, or cheating on you, or damaging your spirit in some way is tough to reason. Friends, family tell us; we see it in the mirror. Something wrong with that picture.

The problem is the “picture” is so damn foggy, so much confusion, contrary beliefs. Each party has its side of the story. Each sees innocence, guilt, freedom and prison in themselves or each other, and has a story to back it.

You can imagine we’ve asked at the altar a million times. The altar always seems to say:





Stop wondering, stop reaching, attacking, explaining, blaming, taking blame, making threats, speaking trash, contemplating suicide, celibacy, and the like. The only way to stop is to take a breath that says, “Stop!”


First yourself. Maybe later the other party. Right now, forgive yourself. I don’t mean like a goody, goody I-love-me-so-much thing, but in ways that eventually lead you back to feeling better about yourself.

Maybe you have a big role in this pain and something in you has to change. Maybe you you’re the victim. Maybe you think one way, but you find it’s really another way.

All kinds of truths to deal with here, but if you think it’s all your fault, healing gets much harder. And if you think you’re completely blameless, boy, have you got some surprises coming.

The power of love and sex are much bigger than us individually.  They affect every cell in our body and every aspect of our invisible selves, as well. To think that intellectual understanding is enough only reveals our blind spots.

First, sexual energy isn’t one human activity; it’s in all human activities. Every sexual experience will connect in permanence to body, mind, heart and spirit. This, once you add organs, blood, and their emotional toll we have to consider science, don’t we?

In all love conflicts other characters have input; our bodies, the cycles of life and death, the very dynamic of the world we are living in. Also, other people related to us during the romance, some of those relations are not quite done. Opens it up some more, doesn’t it?

Sisters and brothers, if we had this figured out already, the world wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in. Give yourself a break, take the breath and forgive yourself.  

I’m not sure where you stand spiritually on this, but the energy of forgiveness is most powerful indeed. We could tell you some amazing stories, but for now ponder how forgiveness relates to that marvelous ideal that only dogs seem to attain – unconditional Love.


Any change in a pattern will change the pattern.

Breath and forgiveness give you a chance both to observe yourself and deliberately change something about the pattern.  

We’re assuming here you haven’t chosen suicide or celibacy and that the drive is alive. Once you lick your wounds, you’re going back out.


Change something, any little thing about:

How you fall-in-love

How you decide to have sex

How you approach or how you want to be approached


If you’re a romantic, be less of one

If you’re not romantic, write a poem

If you never listen to your instincts, start

If you go overboard with instincts, back off

If you always sit on the right, switch left

If you were tricky-seductive, be sincere

If you wore your heart on your sleeve, put it in your breast pocket.

This is approaching the change from the details of our behavior. Good news is it’s just physics! Change the pattern, no matter how slightly, the pattern changes, and even if it doesn’t look like it right away, something is changing.

Your deliberate choice to change will affect the pattern.

The other way to change the pattern is to come from the core.

When it comes to making difficult changes to core matters, we have two general paths. First bring the deep healing, as in spiritual work like soul retrieval, limpias, counseling or discipline, definitely worth consideration.

Our other path is MAKE CEREMONY.

If you’ve tried everything already to make the changes you want and it hasn’t panned out, then please, consider ceremony.

Making ceremony has four components: the Circle, The Four Elements, the Roles and the Purpose. We’ll go deeply into these in this article and the next three. A ceremony spreads a good focus, a clear focusMaking Ceremony.

Take a breath, forgive yourself and make a change. Bring something new and better.

The essence of the art of finding lives in our acceptance of the fact that one never has all the information, it’s the nature of the beast. We know that every answer will lead to more questions and if we can find joy in that, well…

Good fortune in your search for love. If you need a hand with forgiveness, pattern-changing and ceremony, you know we’re here.



The Power of Ceremony


People who Make Ceremonythe Circle, the Four Elements, the Roles and the Purposeexercise some control over their lives and find a place to help community/family do the same. We can dazzle you with all kinds of evidence behind that statement, but there’s nothing like you finding out for yourself.  

Our point is, and if you’re here maybe you agree, if you’ve tried everything to create the change you want in your life and it hasn’t panned out, then consider making ceremony.

We talked about Purpose last time, how it pervades, supports, transports and reaches the ears of God throughout the process. The ceremony begins, remember, the moment you have a purpose, place and time. The purpose animates the process.

Our aim, with you, of course, is to compose two ceremonies with Purpose:

Fall Equinox, September 22, 2020. Virtual and live. We’ll show you how we do it, hope to hear your ceremony goes and help anyway we can.

Personal Ceremony, your ceremonypractical, useful, a ceremony that will make a difference for you. We expect you to put together your personal ceremony, but our example will be around Finding a Job.

After our talk around Purpose we left you with a couple of questions: Can you imagine where you’d do a Fall Equinox ceremony? And what about a good location for the Finding the Job ceremony?

Fall Equinox ceremony celebrates the change of season. The coming winter was a serious threat to survival at one time, so this celebration was a serious and practical preparation.

With the world political scene gearing up like never before. in the middle of a deadly pandemic of which we are the epicenter, I’d say the need for a better winter is obvious.

So where are we going to do this?

Purpose: We seek Wisdom and Balance in our Fall Equinox Ceremony. Since we’re planning to film our ceremony, we chose Elena Gallegos Park up on Sandia, off Tramway. I know the place well so I can visualize the parking lot, access to bathrooms and a not-too-far walk to an appropriate space.

Now our ceremony is animated, moving.

Purpose 2: Finding a job. I don’t want to talk it about from any one job, because I don’t want any mental or emotional limitations on whatever job you want/need now. If I use a job talking about skills you don’t have or don’t care for, it might keep you from pursuing this little ceremony.  

So, we’re going to use a fantasy job. It has skills, decent pay and benefits available, and if you want to be or go independent one day you can. We are applying for a job at “Come On 2020” because we are 2020 engineers, good ones. We’re going to make our ceremonial circle around the work surface/space we hope to have.    

The Circle– the Circle is the physical space where you will perform your ceremony, but it started when you found Purpose. The Circle begins in our minds, upon our decision. Why?

The Circle, circles, roundness, coming around, are simply in our human DNA, like squares and rectangles, too. These are the shapes we see our world in.

Granted there are way too many human circles that mean nothing and many of those are worthy of criticism, however, our ancestors, yours and mine, have done quite a bit with circles over the ages. We’ve protected, proclaimed, unified, suffered together, decided together, hunted, taught, and so much more, in circle, encircled, at a round table, and so forth.

Outcomes from a circle ceremony tend toward harmony, healing and strength. A square ceremony is more about power and order.

Now we decide what goes in the Circle and why. Consciously creating a space to differentiate from everything outside it makes the space sacred. Purposed circle makes sacred circle.

Let’s explore a very specific context of “sacred.” When we speak, for instance, sacred words, we are swearing, right? As in taking an oath.

How many stories have you heard when someone regrets having said something because now, like it or not, they’ re stuck with it? How many times have you told that story? I don’t even want to talk about the times I’ve put foot in mouth.

To take “sacred swearing” even a little darker, our altar experience has led us to many patients who vowed, or swore, or regretted or promised in such a way that they got stuck with the words they uttered.  

For instance, the guy who gets drunk, deep in guilt, swears never again to curse at his wife or mother. After that every time he does curse at them his Guilty Account grows. Enough guilt can bury everything good a person might have, along with all the other types of judgment people lay out.

And then there’s the closeted gentleman who swears in his “sacred moment,” when his decisions and words have power, he’ll never kiss another man. Ten years later, well, you know the story – a stressed out closet.

I’m going dark a little here to make the point that you are entering a situation where once you’ve got purpose and location, you are indeed making sacred. Sacred Speaking can raise the quality of your life if you intend it that way!

We have to be very clear and somewhat careful about what we are going to say. That goes for participants and the items we include.

The Fall Equinox Circle we make at the Park will mark the four directions – yes, that’s a part of the Four Elements portion. Four large Grandfather Stones, one each in the East, South, West and North, then four markers – feathers, in between those to mark the directions in between.

Participants will enter and exit through the East always moving in a Sunwise (clockwise) direction unless there is reason to go counter (more on that later).

You could say we are staking out our circle, right now, in our mind. We’ll either take the Stones from here or go early enough to find them out there. The feathers we have, but if a feather or two shows up out there, we may use them.  

Our Find a Job ceremony/circle will feature eight items, a Square, Rectangle, Circle and a Triangle. The other items can also take the role of one of the shapes. We’ll use a Ruler, Pencil, pad of graph paper and a timecard.

These eight elements, to be placed in balanced manner in our ceremonial circle define our sample ceremony. If you are getting ideas about other items and even the number of items, go for it. This is a good thing. If you have questions about this, don’t hesitate.

We’ll title/label the circle with a little sign, “Come On 2020!”

There. Both of our prospective ceremonies have Circle plans that align to Purpose: Let’s begin gathering our materials and setting our space, as we talk next about the Four Elements and Roles.


Intentional Breathing: Part 2, Expanding

Applying What You Already Have

If you read our last installment you know we’re spreading awareness about using the power of intentional breathing without religion. Nothing against religion, but that’s not a commitment one needs to make to enjoy the benefits of focused breathing. It’s an inherent human ability. 

Quick review, the benefits of intentional breathing:

Improved blood pressure

Heart rate more stable

Better control of stress levels

More clarity in thinking through life’s challenges.

Those benefits appear to be worth a few minutes a day, say 3 to 10, as a reasonable request for your intentional breathing.

Let’s add another benefit, one we list above. All of us need those benefits, but this one can make you free. Free, how?

Free of thoughts and feelings you did not choose to experience. Good to ponder what that would mean to you.

Last time we talked about the foreign mind. It’s all around us, a major downpour of information, ways to believe, ways to be so much noise after your money, time, and in some cases, for your soul.

Three to ten minutes of Silence from that all that noise…ponder the power of that, please.

Stop, breath, reflect, restore, and recharge. Not a bad proposition. What if you could turn it into a habit?

This is about taking control of our mind, because the demand for right decisions is on us 24/7. A few moments of reprieve are in order, wouldn’t you say? Would you like to hear your True Voice speak, tell you what’s up?

In our last article we proposed four simple breathing techniques and we asked you to try some or all of those techniques for less than 3 minutes to see for yourself if, indeed, some kind of positive change occurs.

Quick review: need to Concentrate? Breath in and out through your nose, full nasal. Reduce Anxiety? In through your nose, out through your mouth. Energy? In through your mouth, out nasally.

Sleep, Feel Better? In and out through your mouth, in comfortable position.

All we’re looking for at this point is a change, a shift, something to build on. When your mind sees this, it will know what to do, if you tell your mind to do it. Control. When you decide to breath intentionally you are telling your mind what you want. Your mind will go to work as you tell it. Power.

Let’s add a little science now, something to give you a way to measure the effect: Beta waves and Alpha waves. For my own sake, I’m going to keep this simple.

We’re in beta when we’re physical, noisy, juggling duties and needs, at the factory, if you will, gates, whistles, managers with clipboards: ON. We all know this one well, since it’s where we find our success and our stress, our joy and our horror: where all of the stuff hitting the fan happens.

When we go into alpha we’re calm, maybe ready for sleep or maybe, as athletes describe, we’re in an active alpha, or “in the zone.” We can slip into alpha watching the TV, when some other story takes over our story, our mind rests from its noise.

Or we go into alpha consciously to see, to perform, to rest efficiently. Something wrong with that?

Your breath is leading you to your True mind, a source we can trust. Intentional breathing is one way there. The best place to test it, or more importantly, the best place to make changes is when the issues arise, at the moment of the wound, insult, humiliation, that horrible feeling, whatever the events.

For instance, the boss yanked you from a task making you look like a fool when you were just doing what he said in the first place. You push it down because you need this job and you’ll be off in an hour. The problem is you don’t push things down so easy and you already feel this incident ruining your night.

When you get in your car upset, you peel out of there with an attitude; or you can breathe with the intention of changing the situation. We’d use the Reduce Anxiety breath, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Set your phone timer to three minutes if you like but try it with the intention of changing the moment. There might be some bitterness on exhale, I guess. Better out of you than left inside, don’t you think?

Then if you really want to expand this, when you’re sitting with your date on the way to the virus-safe restaurant, use Feeling better, in and out through your mouth, sitting comfortably. This is a great way to anticipate pleasure, a good time, and be in the mood for it.

Believe it or not, doing those three minutes can actually transport you to what is called alert alpha state, which we’ll talk more about next time, since I need to increase my vocabulary.



Perhaps a Little Clarity

The healing use of hemp and marijuana has been in cultures across the world for ages. Unfortunately, what happens among the people and what governments say happens are many times quite different. Politically, in the United States, the little plant has been both Angel and Devil, from financing WW1 and a hero to be the devil himself and a sure way to hell. Now science has begun to show us what the little plant can do and that there is money to be made doing it. How interesting, the little plant has found favorable political positioning lately.

Obviously, this is good in the sense of awareness and legality, but when politics and greed enter the picture, it’s time to turn on our consumer protection sensors. We were long time supporters of, to us, the sacred plant, for medicinal uses and to lighten the stress of the day, but it wasn’t until our pain was taking us down that we realized just how much healing our old friend, marijuana and its cousin, hemp, could offer us.

We tried CBD when it came out and we got some relief every time we bought some, but we didn’t really embrace it until we tried full spectrum hemp oil, which we’ll explain below. Now we’re two years into it and frankly we attribute our being operational to the many healings of hemp.

Even if we were mainstream capitalists focused on profit, we feel a responsibility to let people know, to share the healing and the creativity. From teen years into old age, our whole life pointed in this direction. Of course, it may not have answers for everyone, but many are finding relief, once they understand it a bit.

Required vocabulary: CBD, Cannabinoids, the Endocannabinoid System, bioavailability, the entourage effect and full spectrum hemp oil.       

CBD – One of over 100 healing elements called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids come from hemp, its cousin marijuana and of striking significance, it’s also found and produced in us human beings! The cannabinoids humans produce and what they do for us is called the Endocannabinoid system and was discovered circa 1992.

With that bit of information, we looked into how CBD is made, mostly known as an extraction process. They pull it from the plant into oil, but oil and water don’t mix

Oil medicine is long respected in medicine and many times a most efficient way to dispense medication. However, it seems it’s most efficient when given intravenously. When we attended some classes by “cannabis nurses,” some of the remarkable healings they spoke of for cancer and heart disease came through specific scientific applications of CBD, intravenously.

When we take a supplement orally however, the challenge of digesting the oil before we get the medicine reduces the actual medicine, we receive no way less than 10%. In terms of actual CBD some estimates are below 3%.

So, I’m paying $180 for a quality CBD but getting only 5% of the benefit. How much do I have to get to find the healing I need? That’s how we learned what bioavailability was about. How much of the medicine actually arrives to where it’s needed?

We were in serious need of healing. Our work was shut down, I couldn’t walk, the altar was flickering. We accepted an invitation to a Cannabis Job Fair and found full spectrum hemp oil!  

This is when I realized why my Abuelita would send me out for cáñamo, hemp, right down the street at the partera’s house, the midwife’s. It mostly wound up on my Grandma’s knees to help her arthritis, but once in a while she’d prepare a bath. When Marijuana became the devil – Thanks Nixon – all that went underground in the barrio.

So what? Ok, just the facts:

Hemp is full of cannabinoids of which CBD is its best-known element. Keep in mind, all those other cannabinoids also have multiple healing effects.

Along with the cannabinoids are also terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, omegas and (yes) proteins!

That’s full spectrum and when the result is greater than the sum of its parts, that is called the entourage effect

When we married the hemp oil to the spiritual work we do, we found solid ground – started walking all day, reopened the altar and found motivation.

Cannabis is, as the Lakota say, Wakan, sacred.


Altar Work: The Moon and the Jaguar

Earth Medicine

Over the years the altar has gone from bare essentials to overstocking, everything from statues and crosses to feathers and stones. The altar goes through cycles and seasons, the “magic” of the week, three or four similar cases, and of course a current, supporting, philosophy.  

It’s an altar because we needed a spiritual location for the needs of our family. We don’t have an altar because someone proclaimed us Holy, or much less because we proclaimed it. We have an altar because we need that special “sacred” place and we, like all humans, have the right to seek spiritual assistance.

It’s sort of like voting, a major right, paid for in blood, but yet so few of us exercise.

Naturally an altar will go through evolutions, permutations and combinations over 35 years. We came to see that the power of the altar did not depend on the items placed there. The items capture attention and help in powerful ways the overall mission of healing and evolving. But the foundations of the altar, the principles that move the healing go way beyond 3D. These foundations stretch.

At first the Moon and the Jaguar, and everything they represent, were on our list of things we should know, things to learn more of. With time, it was these two, Metzli and Ocelotl, that showed us we even had foundations.

I can’t count the number of ways Moon and Jaguar show up on and off our altar. Things we lose, give away, break: no matter what item is gone or what idea comes and goes, the power of the foundation lies in the utter and significant reality of Moon and Jaguar. We can look around and wonder what’s real. These two, we have no doubts.

We were told to sketch the shape of the Moon each night for six months or so. We had a Moon book and we drew however we saw the Grandmother Moon that evening. We were told we needed to do this because we’ve been too screwed up by “civilization” and we needed to experience Her Cycles, feel them, bring them to active memory.

Further exploration with Moon Medicine led us to working with Her waxing and waning, Her risings and Her settings. We discovered some of Her symbolism in the Tarot, a Blessing card and a Dark Passage card, for instance.

There is so much Moon Medicine out there, it would be impossible to cover much of it, but we’ll share two accounts of what makes Our Grandmother Moon a deep part of our foundation.

Early in Moon school I learned the bones of our ancestors can be found on the Moon and consequently, we’ve done a lot of work with those bones.

But let me back up a bit. Over the years, legends from our traditions and astronomical discoveries around the world support that something hit Earth a long time ago and this chipped a big piece of Earth which became our Moon.

Astronomical fact: Earth’s Moon is closer to us than any Moon is to its home planet anywhere in this universe. That stands out a little bit, huh?  

When facts and legend came together this way, it had quite an impact on our work. At that point we understood why we have bones on the Moon and why working with those bones helps people on Earth today. Before this it was just science we didn’t understand. The “moon bones ritual” helps, is all we knew. The Moon, as you may imagine, plays a large role in what folks are calling ancestral healing these days.

One day a Mayan Medicine Man came from his village in Yucatan, Mexico, to share the wisdom of their traditional shamans, the Mayan Day-keeper, with us hungry to hear. It was around 2012 so having an elder around to affirm indigenous understanding of this date was helpful.

As our Mayan brother prepared an astrology for my son and I he told us about Día Tijax – one of the 20 days of a month in the 260 day calendar built in to the Mayan/Aztec Calendar. On this day in his village all the healers report early and receive patients all day long. With his blessing we took on this practice for a while, and bring it back from time to time.

Then the healer gave me a hint about a type of patient we both attended: other healers, teachers, light-bringers, generally speaking. He said the key to working with them was Ek Balam, Black Jaguar in Mayan, Ocelot in Nahuatl.

I had to stand up to hear the rest of that. I couldn’t sit still. Like all good indigenous elders he made me wait for the answer. I walked around the room until he took pity on me.

He explained that everybody in the healing industry, the midwife in a back alley and the surgeon at MD Anderson alike, had to pass through the Jaguar.

In our culture the Jaguar is ancient and powerful. Before this Fifth Sun that we are ending, Jaguars ruled on one of Earth’s five Suns, the Sun of the Jaguars. They are associated with fire, the night, predatory instincts. In this Sun they help with war, like the Jaguar warriors all over the world, and with seeing in the dark things we can’t normally perceive. Jaguars certainly have a presence on all our ancient sites, temples, pyramids and the like.  

Our best interpretation of “pass through the Jaguar” goes something like paralleling the fear one would feel if one heard a Jaguar growl a foot from our ears. Do healers need to experience the fear and the power in that parallel before earning their title?

We then consulted the Jaguar every time we had a healer, titled or in development. In other words, no matter what the patient was feeling, no matter how different the patient and we, we had something in common. We know the Jaguar on some level, and that is our entry to where we have to go to do the healing.

So we sing of Moon and Jaguar, “I have Medicine, Medicine I have.”  

All of our conversation can fit under “Access to Unknown and maybe unknowable science.” Another name for this “access to Unknown science” is magic.

Everything we know about Moon and Jaguar is medicine, not necessarily from the medical profession. We apply that medicine to heal, to have, to access. The tides and the breath of a big cat, all the way to their myths and legends, are certainly big Earth Medicine, wouldn’t you say?  

We think the Moon is an eternal power and the Jaguar helps us make it happen, manifest is the popular term.

Our Altar Work, by the way, began with Limpias. Along withthe Moon and Jaguar, it tells a bit of our story.


FINDING, a basic human skill

Today: a most important human find, the True Self

We came to realize at our little altar that much of or work with has to do with finding something: finding peace, work, love, lost objects, toys, gadgets, healing, vision, mission, career, self, the God Seed or maybe just finding a good place to eat, finding is a serious human skill.

We overlook it two ways:

  • We don’t polish our skill of Finding
  • We don’t spend enough time finding True Self

Our attention is so drawn to all the media, immense amounts of information, a constant factor, before us. One can get so involved in trying to interpret and actually use things that we forget what we are looking for.

How many times do we get caught up in someone else’s search for happiness? That happens because we love someone, which is good of course, but it can indeed take over our own needs and desires. We also work for someone else’s happiness, of course, because we have to pay the rent. Ah, life on planet Earth!

That said, however, if we don’t look for our needs and wants, we simply won’t find them by mistake. For the most part we’re shown how to perform and how to behave so as to embrace the common good, which again is fine and good, but cooperation shouldn’t require unnecessary sacrifice, should it?

So, we want to talk about finding, the subject, the skill of finding. We can all get better at finding what we want. We’ll talk about finding a mate, success, healing and answers.

Today let’s look at finding self, the true self, what are we supposed to be doing? Let’s go for an answer on the eternal questions: who am I and what am I doing with my life?

Doesn’t it seem to you that in all the seeking we hungry little humans do, at the core of our motivation is finding one’s true self.

I don’t know your journey of finding true self, but I know some of you have sought it with fervor, countless ways: asking, reading, discovering, and simply doing. Confused today, clear tomorrow, I love it, do I love it?

We see it as a spiritual dynamic – not only academics empty words, rather a real action dynamic, movement.

What we decide in that movement is critical to our success in life.

When we spring into existence we come in with our true self, true mind, our dream for the life we want. Upon making contact with life under the Sun, however, we are bombarded with foreign dreams, foreign mind.

Thoughts, actions, behaviors that didn’t come from True Mind hit us from all corners: from loved ones, from healers, doctors, schools, churches and governments. Our behavior gets set and programmed before we know the word “self.”

This is nothing new on Earth. That’s how it’s been done all along, a challenge we all face. In our experience there’s only one way to stop all that noise: silence. Give your True Mind a moment to speak over all those other voices.

When you hear that true voice, you’ll know what you’ve been missing, and you’ll know just how many foreign voices are yanking your chain. They call it self-control in some circles.

Sometimes True Mind is triggered by a near death experience. A person comes back from a seven-minute clinical death, for instance, to a life changed, graced even. You’ve heard a few of those stories.

Then there are the meditation champions who have put serious time and effort into finding their Truth. Seekers of Kundalini for instance, can achieve some truly amazing states of being, as do many religious, from Christianity to Buddhism to the local Yoga studio.

I had to wonder if this “silence” was worth all that effort? And must it be done that way for me to know what I want in life?

FYI we talk a lot about this silence in Intentional Breathing: Meditation Myths

Your True Mind knows the answers to any question you have. Your True Mind is unafraid and eternal, knows why you’re here and why you’ve having all the trouble. True Mind is forever. You tell us if it’s worth it.

On the other side of the coin there are many people out there who have “found it” and seem to know who they are indeed. Most of those aren’t meditators or religious much, at least on the surface.

The point is, have you found enough of True Self for the times we are living?

Some say Self is the scariest thing in the world. Do you think you want to find that self, to go deeper than you ever have?

There are tons of ways to go about that and we wish you God Speed. We’d love to talk directly with you if we can be of assistance in your path. It’s our honor and our work.

Obviously the First Lesson of Finding is wanting it.

We’ll go right there next time, along with Finding articles on health, money and love.



Can Making Ceremony Help?

Most of us are familiar with ceremony from being raised in a religious background, a military organization, and so forth.  Whatever our upbringing may be, ceremony is available, and in some cases required. A human thing.

Unfortunately, many of us, at least in my generation, see ceremony as empty and hypocritical. As such we doubt the sincerity and power of the ceremony.

Frankly, many common religious and social-obligation ceremonies deserve the doubt, however we can’t let that blind us to the power of ceremony in our individual and collective lives. It’s embedded deep in us human beings.  

Balanced, intentional ceremony by one individual or a group can change things beyond our expectations.

We don’t say that lightly. First, traditionally speaking we were taught ceremony after ceremony and we really had no idea we were being taught the subject of making ceremony.

Each ceremony takes on a life of its own, a voyage, a ceremony: a truly exciting human endeavor. However, we don’t believe that so easy: we need to experience it for ourselves.

We believe here that our whole life, every event from day one is about our experience. We’ve seen ceremony work where medicine didn’t, have seen lives turn over night through ceremony when programs and shrinks couldn’t. We’ve even seen ceremony hold off death for a better moment.

Our learning about ceremony began as simply wanting to be invited. Once invited to the ceremony, whatever it was, we tried to participate more. At first that translates as the hard labor in the operation but with time we took on more responsibility for the proper functioning of the ceremony.  

As we got older and built our family and careers, we grew to sponsoring and leading ceremony. For some of us, our place in the community is defined by our ability to perform ceremony.

Of course, we use ceremony to get married, graduate, have babies and celebrate birthdays. That’s the daily fare and is only as real as the sincerity of the sponsors and participants, like any other ceremony in the world.

However, approached sincerely, ceremony heals, brings change, removes obstacles and brings peace.    

People who take part in ceremony – the Circle, the Four Elements, the Roles and the Purpose – exercise some control over their lives and find a place to help community do the same. Just look around you in your community.

If you’ve tried everything already to make the changes you want and it hasn’t panned out, then please, consider ceremony.

Making ceremony has four components: the Circle, The Four Elements, the Roles and the Purpose. We’ll go deeply into these in this article and the next three. Then we’ll put it together for the September 22, 2020 Fall Equinox. The way things are going in our world, we’ll need more help than we do now. A ceremony spreads a good focus, a clear focus.

Two Projects

Should you Choose to Participate

  • A ceremony for the general good,
  • and a personal ceremony to improve our lives

will give you a simple blueprint to follow, for whatever it is you’d like to do with making ceremony.

By the time the 2020 Fall Equinox comes around our world is likely to need as much help as it does today. We pick this date because the world we walk upon does something significant to time and the cycles of life on that day. This is for the general good.

On a personal basis, being that we are here on the planet learning something, we always need improvement. We’ll pick that date as we go along. This is for your good.

The Purpose

Fall Equinox celebrates the change of season. In past times the coming winter was a serious threat to survival, so this celebration was serious preparation. While we don’t fear winter near as much as we used to, we certainly live in times where our survival in the manner in which we are accustomed is being seriously challenged. There’s at least half our focus for this ceremony – wisdom in the coming times.

Another characteristic of the Fall and Spring Equinoxes is that these are the only two days in the year when the duration of day and night are exactly the same. Seems we can add some kind of balance to our purpose. The other half of our purpose – balance to the world.

Purpose defined, Fall Equinox Ceremony: We seek Wisdom and Balance in and from our Fall Equinox Ceremony.

What about a prospective personal ceremony. We wanted to find something practical, something useful in which a ceremony might make a difference. We want to follow a model so you can create your own model alongside.  

We thought about health: losing weight, or important healing, something to save your life or make it longer. There’s love, of course; get over a lover, attract a lover. Then there’s money: finding a job, starting a business.

Considering the high unemployment rates we are going with Finding a Job.

Purpose of personal ceremony: We seek gainful employment.

One more word about Purpose. It pervades, supports, transports and reaches the ears of God throughout the process. The ceremony begins the moment you have a purpose, place and time. The purpose animates the process: supplies, food, other participants, personal props, prep and clean up after the fact, and so forth.

Now that we are animated, we go to creating      

The Circle

Among many other functions that we will see next installment, the Circle is the physical (and mental) space where you will perform your ceremony. Can you imagine where you’d do a Fall Equinox ceremony for you and perhaps a few others? How about the personal ceremony? Under a tree, at a church, on the mountain, at your home altar, please think on it.


Intentional Breathing: Meditation Myths

You know what they say about “Using It.”

No breath, no life. Without breath we can’t solve problems, can’t love, eat; you could not even come to a death anymore. Very simple, isn’t it? Science. Breathing has a lot to do with everything and anything.

Then why don’t most of us use the power of breathing?

Lots of answers to that question, but let’s focus on Meditation Myths. Before, however, taking another step better we want to clarify the use of the word “myth”.

Myths are stories that offer many truths, however lost that truth may in the mists of time and lack of documentation. We use that kind of mythology in healing. 

The “myth” in the title of this essay refers to false assumptions about meditation and religion. These are little lies, in a way, that have arisen in the noise of our times. Confusion creates misdirection that diverts our understanding.

Our deepest admiration is addressed to those good people, patient and dedicated, who can sit still and meditate, concentrate, hour after hour. They share, in their lives and the lives of others, deep teachings, philosophies of living, peace within. On top of that they have given us a long list medical-emotional-physical benefits – less stress, better blood pressure, clarity of mind is the beginning of a long list that reach miraculous levels of abilities. That’s not myth; current science.


Meditation requires religion

Meditation has some “different” physical requirements and seems very boring

Meditation takes too much time and a lot of study

Can you imagine how many myths exist around religion? Religion is in our blood, believers or non-believers, in our DNA. Religion plays a part in our world, either because we embrace it or because we don’t. When we are presented with something that does not seem to fit our beliefs, of course we resist it. There’s also the thought in many of us that we’re not religious enough to be engaging meditation.

And how about the meditation positions you see in photos and books? I don’t know about you, but that part of meditation made me resist it for a long time. Besides, I liked more action in my sports. This isn’t sport, I know, but if my body is going to suffer, what do I have left apart from pain? Confusing.

And that thing about sitting for hours, really, is it necessary? Plus, the fact that everywhere meditation is spoken of, there is a list of books, schools, teachers, methods to follow. For many of us all that is like a blind date scenario where our date is “an interesting person.” Some might say to this prospect, “I already have a job.”

Should we let these misdirecting so-called truths keep us from the benefits of good breathing? Our ancestors say no.

Within the heritage of our Mexican culture there is the belief that the science of breathing is our top ally in facing life on the planet Earth. We deserve to know how to use breathing for the personal and general good, and the science of breathing deserves gratitude.  

This ability, by the way, is the right of every human being, rich, poor, fat or skinny.

The long hours of sitting in difficult positions in the quiet, then following that with hours of study is for the people who have come to this life path. The rest of us have other goals, other trades, other quests. But the power of breathing is for everyone.

The science of breathing in the days of our ancestors was called I’imati, breathing with mental attention. People considered these teachings were to heal oneself and polish the spirit. It was for men, women, warriors, artists, workers and managers, to fulfill their lives as best they could.

A basic recommendation of intentional breathing is that it works best without applying religion! We do not have to meet religious criteria or change our lives upside down to enjoy the benefits of our heritage. We can however, by the same token, apply our beliefs and religion as much as we want.

The best news?

It’s so easy to learn this science that resides in you already!

Here are four ways to find a benefit from intentional breathing, and it won’t take you longer than three minutes for you to see if there’s anything to it. 

Need to Concentrate? Breath in and out through your nose, full nasal. Give it three minutes. Did anything change?

Need to Reduce Anxiety? In through your nose, out through your mouth. Push worries out three minutes, see if something changes.

Need Energy? In through your mouth, out through your nose. Three minutes might get you to an answer you need.

Need to Sleep, Feel Better? In and out through your mouth, be comfy. See if three minutes gets you closer to alpha.

You see? No religion, no lifestyle change. Give it a try for 30 days. We’d love to hear how it goes.


Altar Work: The Limpia

We make art of life in the sacred hoop. We inherited that mission through a small slice of the Toltec tradition that came through ancestral inheritance and the experience that life on Earth gives us all. It is the foundation of our altar work (trabajo).

By the time Cortez came to Mexico my ancestors, the Mexica, known more commonly as Aztecs, had already taken by conquest the Toltec tradition embedded in Mexico City, Tenochtitlan. The Toltec way of life, with its infinite laws and principles, has one defining characteristic. No matter what one does – lead armies or clean toilets – one does it with art, finesse and with elegance and precision. There’s some “Do it artistically,” but the actual philosophy leans more toward “Be the act, be the art.”  This knowledge was and still is a foundation of our cultural and physical survival because art, in all its many forms, changes worlds.

Legend, which I remind you has basis in truth as interpreted by the witnesses of the event, has it that Cortez’s wizard, a man named Botello, was not killed, as history (written by the conquerors) reports. This, by the way, is the man who advised Cortez to burn the ships and march on to Mexico.

During a fierce battle on a bridge Botello’s horse was found, but Botello’s body never showed up. The legend tells us that one of our master healers/sorcerers, wizards, a nagual we say, saved Botello from death with the intention of learning the European “medicine” that was hitting so hard.

Apparently Botello, as have many a captured European man since then, became a part of the tribe and, in this case, faded into history. Indigenous and European healing methods, witchcraft, and other talents fused at that point, while the fight for Tenochtitlan, Mexico City, raged on.

This is why one sees the mixture of the Catholic pantheon right along with the Indian ways and deities on traditional altars from Mexico to Chile.

Our humble altar is one of infinite number that has birthed from that legendary moment. A standard practice at healing altars also came from that moment, a healing pass that is practiced at 99% of latino/hispanic folk altars. The Limpia, a spiritual/mental/physical/emotional cleansing.

From a Cuban dictionary comes this definition:


Superstitious cure that involves rubbing a person with certain herbs to free them from bad luck or some evil spell.

We obviously don’t agree with the superstition part. If it works, it’s not superstition, it’s science. Maybe it’s a science we don’t understand, but we continue to use it because it works. And while it’s true there can be some “rubbing with herbs” in our traditional lineage, here it is more like a pass. “Smudging”  with smoke is a word that gets close to describing a pass.

Also while there a multitude of ways to do a limpia the best known method is with an Egg, many times accompanied by Chile and Lemon/Lime. If the practitioner is more Christian/Catholic leaning you might hear an Our Father or a Hail Mary as the practitioner passes the Egg. A more indigenous leaning practitioner might mumble, roll eyes or something else while holding the Egg at places around the patient’s body. Here we do some singing, rattling and drumming; we use fire and smoke, most times.

The part about freeing the person from “bad luck or evil” is quite right, but it’s more accurate to say that the limpia frees them from the energy of bad luck or evil. All of us know energy exists and now, from more advanced science, we know that even inanimate objects have energy of some kind, at some frequency, at some volume, with some effect, etc. We also know that energy affects energy.

A Story

If I wave a small feather in the face of man aiming a rifle chances are good he’ll miss. Energy affects energy, right?  

We’ll call the shooter John who does miss and is now blowing steam, as they say. Because of that stupid feather in the hands of a now alleged co-worker/teammate, John doesn’t qualify.

The incident really affects John. Everybody he crosses that day gets some of the anger and angst, not directly but thrown, slammed, wrung out everywhere he goes, by his word or deed.

Energy again, more of it, affecting more energies as it passes through their field of influence.

That night, after kids are in bed, his wise wife suggests he see a curandero, a traditional Mexican healer (but found in all Latino cultures), for a limpia. The next day he does just that.

The healer has some smoke going. It always smells a little funny around here. He’s waiting for the upset John with an Egg, a dry Chile and a Lemon.

The Curandero passes them over the smoke saying a short prayer as he guides the Egg bundle in geometric passes around John’s heart, navel, up and down his spine, around his head, as if combing out invisible debris. Then he places the trio of food – all sacred to human survival – at his forehead, his heart, liver, spleen, naval and finally at his wrist and other joints.

Now John begins to wonder about his personal spiritual condition, wondering if he should either go to church more often or begin a more serious practice of spirituality. He wonders if he hurt his daughter when he said he didn’t have “time for this shit.”

New energies, right? Perhaps energies with a better future than the energetic events following his shooting range/feather incident?

So what changed? Energies changed, shifted. Crappy feelings and urges dissipated and some clarity about more important things came to mind. How?

We know the energy fields of foods affect the energy fields of human beings. The practitioner in our story intended those three food items a certain, unusual, way. We used their energy externally as opposed to eating it.

The healer’s energy, the patient’s, and the food items, agreed and that made something change.

Make Art


Gracias y Adelante

Gracias por cualquier atención que haya podido dar a esta Novena. Y mucho más allá de cualquier agradecimiento que podemos ofrecerle está la gratitud de los Muertos, quienes, por la palabra de seres vivos reciben la Luz necesaria para seguir adelante.

Ayer por la tarde la otra oradora y yo celebramos una observación mensual (el 2do de cada mes) dedicada a la Santa Muerte. El contenido de nuestra ceremonia se centró naturalmente en la Novena (ver foto arriba), gratitud, guía, etc. Como ya pueden ver, queremos ser transparentes al respeto la controversial pero muy real Santa Muerte. Sin embargo, voy a guardar algunos de esos detalles para más tarde, después de estudiar las preguntas que estoy recibiendo acerca Ella.

Para que conste, hay una lucha entre muchos pueblos tradicionales. ¿Compartimos los secretos por los cuales murieron nuestros antepasados, tanto para guardarnos y para mantenernos aquí, o guardamos los secretos para nosotros (lo cual nos salvado a través de 500 años de genocidio)? Como ya habrá adivinado, creemos que es hora de compartir nuestra antigua ciencia.

Un tema que queremos abrir en un futuro próximo, tanto en artículos como en clases, es la declaración de que los conocimientos tradicionales que manejamos (por limitados que sean en términos de cuán vastas son nuestras tradiciones) es bastante lejos de la superstición o la fantasía vacía. Muchas veces la gente lo llama magia, lo cual vemos simplemente como ciencia que no entendemos. Estamos agradecidos, mas bien, por la mano de Espíritu para guiarnos. Tiene más que ver con las energías que catalizamos hacia un cambio, a través de una canción o algo de humo, por ejemplo, que sólo la fe.

Muchas gracias por su participación a cualquier nivel y momento que usted pudo asistir. Hablamos pronto. La última imagen es el altar después de la ceremonia. Le llegamos a algunas de las ofertas de inmediato. El es Dios.