Can Making Ceremony Help?

Most of us are familiar with ceremony from being raised in a religious background, a military organization, and so forth.  Whatever our upbringing may be, ceremony is available, and in some cases required. A human thing.

Unfortunately, many of us, at least in my generation, see ceremony as empty and hypocritical. As such we doubt the sincerity and power of the ceremony.

Frankly, many common religious and social-obligation ceremonies deserve the doubt, however we can’t let that blind us to the power of ceremony in our individual and collective lives. It’s embedded deep in us human beings.  

Balanced, intentional ceremony by one individual or a group can change things beyond our expectations.

We don’t say that lightly. First, traditionally speaking we were taught ceremony after ceremony and we really had no idea we were being taught the subject of making ceremony.

Each ceremony takes on a life of its own, a voyage, a ceremony: a truly exciting human endeavor. However, we don’t believe that so easy: we need to experience it for ourselves.

We believe here that our whole life, every event from day one is about our experience. We’ve seen ceremony work where medicine didn’t, have seen lives turn over night through ceremony when programs and shrinks couldn’t. We’ve even seen ceremony hold off death for a better moment.

Our learning about ceremony began as simply wanting to be invited. Once invited to the ceremony, whatever it was, we tried to participate more. At first that translates as the hard labor in the operation but with time we took on more responsibility for the proper functioning of the ceremony.  

As we got older and built our family and careers, we grew to sponsoring and leading ceremony. For some of us, our place in the community is defined by our ability to perform ceremony.

Of course, we use ceremony to get married, graduate, have babies and celebrate birthdays. That’s the daily fare and is only as real as the sincerity of the sponsors and participants, like any other ceremony in the world.

However, approached sincerely, ceremony heals, brings change, removes obstacles and brings peace.    

People who take part in ceremony – the Circle, the Four Elements, the Roles and the Purpose – exercise some control over their lives and find a place to help community do the same. Just look around you in your community.

If you’ve tried everything already to make the changes you want and it hasn’t panned out, then please, consider ceremony.

Making ceremony has four components: the Circle, The Four Elements, the Roles and the Purpose. We’ll go deeply into these in this article and the next three. Then we’ll put it together for the September 22, 2020 Fall Equinox. The way things are going in our world, we’ll need more help than we do now. A ceremony spreads a good focus, a clear focus.

Two Projects

Should you Choose to Participate

  • A ceremony for the general good,
  • and a personal ceremony to improve our lives

will give you a simple blueprint to follow, for whatever it is you’d like to do with making ceremony.

By the time the 2020 Fall Equinox comes around our world is likely to need as much help as it does today. We pick this date because the world we walk upon does something significant to time and the cycles of life on that day. This is for the general good.

On a personal basis, being that we are here on the planet learning something, we always need improvement. We’ll pick that date as we go along. This is for your good.

The Purpose

Fall Equinox celebrates the change of season. In past times the coming winter was a serious threat to survival, so this celebration was serious preparation. While we don’t fear winter near as much as we used to, we certainly live in times where our survival in the manner in which we are accustomed is being seriously challenged. There’s at least half our focus for this ceremony – wisdom in the coming times.

Another characteristic of the Fall and Spring Equinoxes is that these are the only two days in the year when the duration of day and night are exactly the same. Seems we can add some kind of balance to our purpose. The other half of our purpose – balance to the world.

Purpose defined, Fall Equinox Ceremony: We seek Wisdom and Balance in and from our Fall Equinox Ceremony.

What about a prospective personal ceremony. We wanted to find something practical, something useful in which a ceremony might make a difference. We want to follow a model so you can create your own model alongside.  

We thought about health: losing weight, or important healing, something to save your life or make it longer. There’s love, of course; get over a lover, attract a lover. Then there’s money: finding a job, starting a business.

Considering the high unemployment rates we are going with Finding a Job.

Purpose of personal ceremony: We seek gainful employment.

One more word about Purpose. It pervades, supports, transports and reaches the ears of God throughout the process. The ceremony begins the moment you have a purpose, place and time. The purpose animates the process: supplies, food, other participants, personal props, prep and clean up after the fact, and so forth.

Now that we are animated, we go to creating      

The Circle

Among many other functions that we will see next installment, the Circle is the physical (and mental) space where you will perform your ceremony. Can you imagine where you’d do a Fall Equinox ceremony for you and perhaps a few others? How about the personal ceremony? Under a tree, at a church, on the mountain, at your home altar, please think on it.


Published by Mike Callas

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