FINDING, a basic human skill

Today: a most important human find, the True Self

We came to realize at our little altar that much of or work with has to do with finding something: finding peace, work, love, lost objects, toys, gadgets, healing, vision, mission, career, self, the God Seed or maybe just finding a good place to eat, finding is a serious human skill.

We overlook it two ways:

  • We don’t polish our skill of Finding
  • We don’t spend enough time finding True Self

Our attention is so drawn to all the media, immense amounts of information, a constant factor, before us. One can get so involved in trying to interpret and actually use things that we forget what we are looking for.

How many times do we get caught up in someone else’s search for happiness? That happens because we love someone, which is good of course, but it can indeed take over our own needs and desires. We also work for someone else’s happiness, of course, because we have to pay the rent. Ah, life on planet Earth!

That said, however, if we don’t look for our needs and wants, we simply won’t find them by mistake. For the most part we’re shown how to perform and how to behave so as to embrace the common good, which again is fine and good, but cooperation shouldn’t require unnecessary sacrifice, should it?

So, we want to talk about finding, the subject, the skill of finding. We can all get better at finding what we want. We’ll talk about finding a mate, success, healing and answers.

Today let’s look at finding self, the true self, what are we supposed to be doing? Let’s go for an answer on the eternal questions: who am I and what am I doing with my life?

Doesn’t it seem to you that in all the seeking we hungry little humans do, at the core of our motivation is finding one’s true self.

I don’t know your journey of finding true self, but I know some of you have sought it with fervor, countless ways: asking, reading, discovering, and simply doing. Confused today, clear tomorrow, I love it, do I love it?

We see it as a spiritual dynamic – not only academics empty words, rather a real action dynamic, movement.

What we decide in that movement is critical to our success in life.

When we spring into existence we come in with our true self, true mind, our dream for the life we want. Upon making contact with life under the Sun, however, we are bombarded with foreign dreams, foreign mind.

Thoughts, actions, behaviors that didn’t come from True Mind hit us from all corners: from loved ones, from healers, doctors, schools, churches and governments. Our behavior gets set and programmed before we know the word “self.”

This is nothing new on Earth. That’s how it’s been done all along, a challenge we all face. In our experience there’s only one way to stop all that noise: silence. Give your True Mind a moment to speak over all those other voices.

When you hear that true voice, you’ll know what you’ve been missing, and you’ll know just how many foreign voices are yanking your chain. They call it self-control in some circles.

Sometimes True Mind is triggered by a near death experience. A person comes back from a seven-minute clinical death, for instance, to a life changed, graced even. You’ve heard a few of those stories.

Then there are the meditation champions who have put serious time and effort into finding their Truth. Seekers of Kundalini for instance, can achieve some truly amazing states of being, as do many religious, from Christianity to Buddhism to the local Yoga studio.

I had to wonder if this “silence” was worth all that effort? And must it be done that way for me to know what I want in life?

FYI we talk a lot about this silence in Intentional Breathing: Meditation Myths

Your True Mind knows the answers to any question you have. Your True Mind is unafraid and eternal, knows why you’re here and why you’ve having all the trouble. True Mind is forever. You tell us if it’s worth it.

On the other side of the coin there are many people out there who have “found it” and seem to know who they are indeed. Most of those aren’t meditators or religious much, at least on the surface.

The point is, have you found enough of True Self for the times we are living?

Some say Self is the scariest thing in the world. Do you think you want to find that self, to go deeper than you ever have?

There are tons of ways to go about that and we wish you God Speed. We’d love to talk directly with you if we can be of assistance in your path. It’s our honor and our work.

Obviously the First Lesson of Finding is wanting it.

We’ll go right there next time, along with Finding articles on health, money and love.


Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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