Ceremony: Roles

The Main Ingredient

If you just joined us on this little read about Making Ceremony, here’s a little review:

From Ceremony: Can Making Ceremony Help?

“Balanced, intentional ceremony by one individual or a group can change things beyond our expectations.”

“If you’ve tried everything already to make the changes you want and it hasn’t panned out, then please, consider ceremony.”

From The Power of Ceremony: Circle

People who Make Ceremony – the Circle, the Four Elements, the Roles and the Purpose – exercise some control over their lives and find a place to help community/family do the same.

“We can dazzle you with all kinds of evidence behind that statement, but there’s nothing like you finding out for yourself.”

“We’re preparing for a custom-made Fall Equinox Ceremony, September 22, 2020 to benefit the world and a Personal Ceremony to Find a Job.”

“We’re sharing how we’ll be doing the Fall Equinox Ceremony where we live, and how you might do it where you are.  And we’re working on a fantasy job-seeking ceremony so you can devise your own real ceremony.”

Today: Roles

I imagine you’re beginning to see how the four parts of making ceremony come together. In talking about Purpose, Circle comes together. How it should look and be comes into our active mind. In gathering the elements, roles become clearer. As you determine the steps, the person for the role shows up.A very natural process, really.

Could Making Ceremony be an inherent human skill we don’t use enough?

Like so many activities we put our hands to, the strength, sincerity and eventual success we find in ceremony is all about our role and how we play it. Specifically, it’s you we’re talking about.

Fall Equinox Ceremony, September 22, 2020 to benefit the world.  

Now you have a space for the Circle, on location or online. You have the Elements that define the Circle and mean something to you. And, as evidence of your attention, your Purpose is more defined than when you started.

Who’s coming to this ceremony? Who can’t attend but offers moral support? Who, also, will you think about as you perform the ceremony?  

Of course, you can do it by yourself too, and still get results – up to you.


You are the leader, the primary, conductor, facilitator, priestess, as well as the financier and the janitor.

By the way, if you’re going solo, the Elements of the ceremony will take a greater role in moving feeling through the circle. We’ll talk more about that in the next article, Ceremonial Structure.

Let’s say it’s you and three friends. If the Circle you’ve devised is something like ours, you likely have the Four Winds present and marked.

Paul could stand opposite you in the West to represent and speak to the Winter Nights coming our way. Mary could be in the South representing the waters and the nurturing side of the Mother. Fred makes sense in the North, for strength facing the coming times. You are at the East, the door, the Sun and the emcee, too.

If you only have two friends, you can go for a triangle within the circle – You, East, Paul North West, Mary South West. If it’s just one other, you handle water, she handles fire.

Be free and creative. It doesn’t matter if you miss something, or forget something, or simply can’t do a certain thing. Honor your roots and blast past them. What matters is your intention and your feeling. We are at your service, should you have questions.


I’d imagine you’re doing this one alone or with a business partner, perhaps. If there are others with you then follow the guidelines above. However, there is benefit to having only one role to coordinate.

You can pour your heart in it through the Elements. When you do that you increase the odds that you’ll succeed. We call it moving feeling through the circle.  

As in the Fall Equinox Ceremony you have a Purpose set and defined, you have the Circle location and you have the Elements.

Remember our fantasy model: You are a 2020 Engineer and you want to work for Come On 2020, Inc. Hopefully you’ve made your own substitutions by now, so it’s your Elements we’re talking about.

Since you don’t have Paul or Mary with you, your elements – the Triangle, the Ruler, the pad of graph paper – will bring detail and enhancement to the feeling of already having that job.

The Triangle, for instance, could mean that your career is back on track. Take a moment to feel that – not the lack, which is easy to feel, rather feel the having of it.

Perhaps the pad of graph paper symbolizes your creativity. You might remember some past glories, or again, feel that you’re finding solutions and moving the Come On 2020 Project forward.

In the Elements Part of your ceremony you’ll pause at each symbol, and feel how it feels to have it, at whatever level you can feel it!

More on that Sept 16, 2020 in Ceremonial Structure next article. If you don’t have the complete picture of your ceremony, this article with provide a little more fine-tuning prior to our Fall Equinox Ceremony Sept 22!


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