DIY: The Ultimate Amulet

For a Little Edge

Heart, mind, spirit and body go into the creation of potent, functional amulets and talismans. The trick is adding a little more science to the project and mixing it with the best from the superstitious side of the question.  

And let’s not forget a healthy dose of doubt and skepticism. We need that, too, because the only way to answer the doubt and skepticism is with knowledge and understanding.

Amulets protect and Talismans attract, basically, but it depends on where you ask. There are other names too, like fetishes, charms or enchantment. One thing they all have in common is their energy. No matter what we’re asking of the charm it will take some electromagnetic energies, to either attract or expel, won’t it? We could call them all magnets.

A well-built magnet/charm/amulet can indeed provide an edge and all the “ingredients” are in your reach.

We started working with amulets like most. We saw a rabbit’s foot or a lucky horseshoe and had to ask. Some of us leave the superstitions as we grow up. Others try to figure out why the superstition exists.  

Blind belief in an object is ridiculous, but belief in oneself is not. We’re here to talk about programming matter to align with energy. That’s more leaning on ourselves, than the object we choose to magnetize. Maybe that’s not so ridiculous?

Of course, we can’t forget the role of faith. Faith gives us courage to go on when we don’t know what lies ahead. But after a little light comes in, it’s another kind of action that makes things work. Faith helps you persist, but persistent programming gets results you can see.

First: what do you want from your amulet, talisman, fetish or charm? There’s a world of choices here, but let’s agree on one thing. We want it to be functional. We want it to save energy, create energy, bring light to the dark places, increase ability, make good luck, find you a mate, whatever it is you seek from that long list of choices.

Next, let’s bring another critical element to our project from the world of Physics – science! As you well know, I am no scientist, so I’m only giving you the most basic explanation of why this programming works. If you want deeper scientific explanation, it’s out there. We’ll even help you find it.

Newtonian Physics is the obvious science around us: gravity, speed, math, mass, volume, exact and quantifiable, all that. If two scientists in different corners of the world perform the same experiment with all the same ingredients, they will both get exactly the same results. That’s the trusty scientific method that proves over and over the immutable physical laws of our planet.

However, in Quantum Physics, where one uses all but invisible items like waves, particles, atoms, neutrons, those two scientists might start the same way – all the ingredients and the procedures exactly the same, but guess what? They will not get the same result!

When science saw this, they naturally had to figure out why results were different in the quantum field vs the Newtonian field, and guess what they figured out. The results were different in the quantum experiments because both scientists had different intentions/desires for the result!

In other words, the quantum scientists were able to influence the ingredients of their experiment!

Both sciences manipulate matter and energy, like human beings do, in the daily come and go. Considering that science studies what the rest of us do, feel, want and need, and considering that we humans do manipulate matter and energy all day long, seen and unseen, do you see where you might be able to program some matter to align to your energy?

The key is programming within the bounds of reason. Reason is expanded, yes, but isn’t that what living is about, expansion toward our potentials?

If you’ve decided you want to do this, create the ultimate magnet then please find an arrowhead by Jan 8, 2021 when Part 2 of the Ultimate Amulet publishes. Any rock shop will have a supply of arrowheads. You can get three for $1 or pay $1000 for an original American Indian flint. No matter what arrowhead you wind up with we help you create a fine, functional, amulet, with an edge.

The only catch, and this wasn’t exactly planned this way, but neither were the dates of our coming new evolution: on 12/25/20 becomes, Legacy and Story. We’re making some changes and hope you will click us, opt-in our mailing list, explore us and hopefully stay with us. Until then,


Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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