Are You Called?

As in Helping, Healing or Conjuring?

Are you hearing voices, seeing things that may not be there, getting information on others you may not want to know? Are you dealing with aspirations to heal, or perform magic or save the world (or parts of it)?

Are you experiencing feelings that don’t quite fit in what is known as normal?  Do you have thoughts that scare you or perhaps bring out your worst? Maybe a few weird “powers” you never knew you had?

Among veteran healers/magicians/servers there’s an understanding that one doesn’t really choose the work. The work chooses us.

You might have had plans to follow another life path, but no, no matter what, this draw pulls you to the non-normal, weird, off-the-wall, woo-woo stuff. Familiar?

Chances are something from your life has sparked some awareness, an awareness out of the ordinary.

If you somehow identify with this awareness, you might see it as a gift, or just as possibly, as a curse. Those who experience this what-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-this(?) dilemma, many times, consider it both a blessing and a curse.

Maybe the awareness stems from family life. The ins and out of a major human survival event aren’t always easy to maneuver. Perhaps you or some of your family members had to resort to spiritual help along the way and this has indeed, affected you.

And by the way, when this awareness comes it always has something to do with family.

Maybe you saw a ghost, heard a voice, saw something before it happened, learned a trick from Grandma…who knows. Point is, and I’m sure you know, you’re drawn to it for a reason.

I know we hear that “for a reason” quite a bit these days; many times, it’s an answer we use when we don’t have an answer. However, it’s true. It might be a dumb, or unimportant, reason, but there’s always a reason.

Blood, religion, and unexplained experiences – the kind worry you you’re crazy – usually have much to do with that awareness, its draw, its attraction, and our curiosity. Dealing with the awareness becomes as frightening as it is enticing.

When we dealt with the “are we called” question,

we followed our roots, we studied, we disciplined ourselves, much like you might be thinking to do. We hoped someone would tell us what we should do next, someone to say go forward, or tell us we better keep our day job. To be quite honest we wanted someone to anoint us, give us a title, with a clear path ahead.

Since we weren’t quite willing to sign our lives away to any organization, cult or religion, that anointing didn’t come. It would be 20 years before our patients gave us the title we hold, curandero, and by the time it came it didn’t matter much anymore, we were so busy doing the work.

We learned:

Everyone has gifts. These gifts can turn to curses when denied or abused.

The gifts bestow a certain awareness, a certain knowing. Working that awareness can become functional and useful in living your life.

The awareness itself is the calling, by its mere presence in your being. So yes, you’re called.  

We realized, after a few years in, that the awareness we were curious about was not going to be satisfied in a weekend or even with a college degree. We realized we were on a path, on a Quest.

We also realized there was no turning back from it and that the awareness would lead us, eventually, into eternity. 

Learning about these gifts/curses, sights, experiences, traumas – awareness-es, can lead to understanding how to use them. Imagine how that might impact your life.  

Unfortunately, most of us either think we don’t deserve a gift, or at the other extreme, thinking way too highly of how gifted we are. Add to ego the judgements of society and loved ones, and one can see where all the obstacles come from.

However, it is these challenges that turn the awareness into gold.

Don’t despair! Embrace the question. Determine to get the answers. Use them wisely as the answers come, because they will. Like anything you already do with intention and action you get better at it.

Future articles will suggest some of that intention and action, along with parts and parcels of our online course, The Quest.  As some of you know we have been teaching for a few years and are happy to say we have touched the lives of a handful of warrior healers who are right now moving upon their gifts.


Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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