Lost Souls

Lest We Forget

Imagine the Spirit World. How big do you think it might be? How many souls live there? Are they all human souls? Know anybody in there? Does this Spirit World really exist right on top of us, all around us?

I believe all of us have the answers to those questions and more, within us. After all, we are spirits, as well as bodies, souls more precisely, in this case. What’s the difference? Spirit is one. Souls are multiple memories and experiences belonging to one spirit.  

Our world is in a time when many mysteries of Spirit World will be solved, and many questions answered. At least that is our hope and can be seen in the informational trends all around us.

Mostly however, if you want to know about the Spirit World, or accomplish anything while you’re there, you basically have to hang around there a lot more than most people ever need to.

One day we woke up and realized that, here at the altar, our co-workers were, in the majority, citizens of the Spirit World. We didn’t see this while we were working our regular, mainstream, jobs. We assumed then that most of our circle of influence, our communities, were living humans. When we went full time altar, we realized that most of our circle was indeed composed of invisible, discarnate beings.

Some are deities, maybe avatars, saints, bodhisattvas, angels. Some are animal spirits. A few are ancestors, and some are other kinds of beings, but all with a positive purpose. Of course, if we’re going to have discarnate beings around, that’s the kind we want living and working here.

Most of our work, naturally, deals with the more negative citizens of the Spirit World: the cursed, demons, ghouls and various evil intentions wrapped up in all kinds of packages.

We see that while the Spirit World is indeed daunting, we fleshed up humans indeed have the authority over the Spirit World. It’s not because we’re so holy or great or anything; it’s because this is our show, living in the flesh on this three-dimensional planet. We suffer the pain and pay the rent. Last we checked; discarnate spirits don’t carry those obligations.  

That said, many kinds of spirits/entities/energies are quite attracted to humanity and how we evolve. For good or evil they want to be a part of our human inheritance.

In dealing with this huge Spirit World, we want to focus today on a way-too-common character that we deal with way-too-much: the human lost soul.

Most of us, in the living of our lives, have heard, or possibly told, a story about a person who dies unexpectedly, perhaps in an accident or a homicide. Definitely a tragedy for the living, but on the Spirit side of this story we start dealing with lost souls.

Unexpected death does present a challenge for our soul. Since we aren’t expecting death, we don’t prepare for it. At the moment of the surprise it’s possible our conscious awareness is simply not conscious of what just happened. Since our soul basically is consciousness, and there’s something we’re not conscious of, we can definitely get lost!

What are a soul’s choices at that moment? Anything is possible but for the most part we have two big choices. First, we can choose what we’ll call the Light. When a soul takes this route, she goes with ancestors and/or helping spirits to a safe place in order to go through an afterlife review, preparing for the next journey. Second, we can follow the consciousness we died with and see where it takes us – stuck in a conscious moment that isn’t conscious all the way.

Under choice number two our soul can go in many directions but when one is not in the Light, one can easily become victim to Spirits much better at life in the Spirit World than we are, as well as victim to living practitioners who entrap souls to do their evil.

One of our most common jobs is to remove the energy of death from the living. Maybe they picked up the poison through work or by accident, a friend or relative.  Or maybe they have a lost soul attached to them to affect their behavior, whether that lost soul likes it or not.

You can see why “lost souls” are indeed an issue. We wanted to highlight them since All Soul’s Day is coming up November 2 and we want to urge you to give them a moment, honor them, ask for them. Consider three ideas.

First, if you are drawn to this subject, chances are you have some call to help. If so, lost souls are always in the mix of this work. And,

Second, it’s quite likely we all have lost souls in our families, therefore in our blood, in our DNA. Can’t hurt to say a word for them, can it? And finally,

Let the inevitability of our death, no matter how far out you think it is, bring power to the evolution of your life. Those lost souls out there could have benefitted from that little bit of conscious awareness.

In this altar, All Soul’s Day is Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead. Our next two posts – 10/28 and 11/1 – are all about this most sacred time in our work and traditions. The ceremony goes all night long and I assure you, lost souls are part of the festivities.


Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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