Evolution Alert

All Of Us Are Evolving, After All

Time moves through us and we move through time. The Altar taught us to see that movement, study it, slow it down enough to make adjustments, try to be in rhythm with the world around us. This is one of those moments, but not just for us.

The Planet and everything thing on it, dead or alive, is evolving. Fast.

Sure, on one hand, that’s one of those things you can just say, “Duh, of course it’s evolving,” but if you take a close look at what’s happening in you, around you, maybe you can see evolution turning.

No matter where we live on the planet, we are learning things about ourselves, some of them not too hot, but some of the things we’re learning speak to possibilities: human possibilities. Our history shows that when times get hard, we are capable of some amazing things. Why not now?

Here at our altar, we are coming face to face with our limitations, determining which limitations we can overcome, and which ones just have to accept. While words like retirement and legacy can bring sad, defeated thoughts, we’ve opted to see the opportunity in our limitations, or at least try to.

We divided our experience in this process into Limitations, Lessons and Opportunities. It didn’t happen overnight, but the labels helped us mark progress along the way.

With the world upside down, chances are good something is pushing on you to look at it or change it. Maybe you too are facing limitations as you catch glimpses of possibilities? Wondering which way to go? Trust us, you’re not alone.

Limitation: Selling hard goods. We tried once more, in honor of what Hemp and Marijuana have done for us, to sell hard goods, in this case hemp. The message was clear: keep your day job. You have anything like that coming at you? Something you’re doing, maybe, that’s not quite working?

Lesson: While we won’t move, physically or spiritually, without CBD, Hemp or Marijuana anymore, and we invest up to $200-$300 per month, marketing and integrity in marketing take up lots of energy.

Is it the best place for us to put our allotted energy? Is it time for us to put that energy somewhere else? Are we doing something wrong?

Limitation: We can’t see the number of people we used to see. Hate to admit it but we just don’t have the energy to see that many people anymore. We make sure we have the spark when we commit to work, but just can’t handle the rushes like we used to.

Is it a weakness or is it a strength wanting to be used differently? How about you? Anything on overload?

Lesson: We notice that our teaching is reaching new levels. We used to help by doing the necessary work, of course. Now we can help by teaching others a more permanent way, giving them something useful, thereby hopefully and gratefully, passing on the legacy of our experience.

Lesson extension: We realized that our work ethic, our routine, while appropriate in our times, now needs to give way to something else. The fear of “something else” is real, but we began to remember ideas and projects we had put aside in order to make a living. We remembered, for instance, we had wanted to write it all down, and we wrote much of it, too – the experiences, the teachings and the stories it all has inspired.

Our humble, unauthorized altar, after 35 years, has given us both fiction and non-fiction, reams of it. We can’t guarantee how useful or entertaining it will be, but it is genuine (and naturally we’ll do lots of editing).   

Opportunity: Now we see liberation from peddling goods, and perhaps a better use of our time and energy. While that’s really exciting for us, we have to admit we’ve missed a few opportunities either by circumstance or a bad choice.

Lesson: If there’s one skill we need in our, and yours, Dance of Evolution, it’s the ability to seek, recognize and take opportunities to build a better life.

So, we’re taking the leap. As of 12/25/20 HempCredible.org and CanaCura.org become michaelparracallas.com. We’ll continue to share our Legacy Experience and the Stories it inspires, along with our new online course, The Quest.  

You’ll be happy to know we won’t be peddling stuff and sending countless emails about products that may or may not work. Instead, we’ll go deeper than all that, and take on this evolution thing with all we have in motion. We’re all in that Dance of Evolution anyway, aren’t we?

Above all, we don’t want to lose you. We hope you’ll explore us and maybe trust us with your email yet again. If you’re inclined to ride along with us, please visit michaelparracallas.com for a preview and to sign up for that first blog, 12/25/20.

It’s a time of change and evolution that we human beings find ourselves in. Time to see some things we don’t like, and also time to see the immense opportunities being placed before us.

Our First Holiday wish for you and your circle: May you Shine in your Earth Walk, and remember


Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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