A Protection Enchantment

Seems Appropriate These Days

Not really sure how this spell came to us. We knew it at puberty, thereabouts, but found out in our fifties it has roots in Faerie Magic. When protection is needed, it doesn’t really matter that much where it comes from, if it works.

Even when one has security, guns, fences, all that, it only makes sense to bring the mind and heart into a proactive role. The power of an enchantment, a spell, lies in a simple, focused use of the natural elements to create a projection.

This new protection tool, a metaphysical security device, would see dangers all the high-tech gear can’t see; blind spots is how they get us, after all. If we place our mind, clear and focused, together, in harmony, with Water, Earth, Air and Fire, we have a solid chance of projecting the feeling that the blind spots are covered, that we’re safer; it’s an attitude of sorts that spreads through the object of our protection.

You already do this kind of thing all the time. Just notice how the room atmosphere shifts when you walk in with some strong attitude. You don’t have to say a word. The people that see know you’re upset, excited, suicidal, aroused, whatever, because your attitude, walk, demeanor, is showing it, without saying a word.     


A clear glass Container, bowl, glass, or cup, a little more than half-filled with good Water, covered for now. Place a piece of Silver – a coin, an old earring, a bracelet, or even a silver wire – next to the bowl, along with some Wooden Matches.

We capitalize these ingredients since they are characters in the attitude you seek to create.


Start with a Prayer, or a Mantra, or a Goal, or a Maxim, however it feels stronger to you, call it what you like. Be clear in what/who you want to protect, focused, brief and definite – your person, house, business, boyfriend, family – clear.

Focus it in as few words as possible.

As you work the word number down, think about a visualization, something you can imagine, a thought, a feeling, about what you want to experience. We are looking for the vibration, the essence, of what you seek, how you need it to feel.

The right words will yield better results. You want the most impactful words you can find, impactful on you. You’ll have a chance to include everything and everyone you’re thinking about before you use, but first we need a clear, concise focus.

Protect my livestock, for instance. If you ask for that protection you’re thinking about specific cattle, horses or pigs that you actually own. There is some kind of thinking and feeling in your head and heart. As you put together your focus, let those thoughts, feelings, come and then keep them in your head when you perform the ritual.  

Next step: If you are calling on God, Deity, Saints, Ancestors or any of these, this is where they come in. Equally respected is your decision to not call on Deity, instead to call on yourself, your Inner Self. If you decide to call on the Virgen Guadalupe, for instance, this is the time to call on Her the way you normally do.  

Now speak your need, your desire for protection. Take the time you need here to talk out the issues, where are you vulnerable, who/what hurts more and so forth. Maybe you need courage, as we all do, maybe we need some kind of answer to come to us – now is the time, talk it, cry it, sing it out. Affirmations, things that must happen, changes needed, all of that’s good now.

Remember, pay attention to thoughts and feelings you like or want. Keep them for both Performance 1 and 2 below.

Performance 1

The glass Container should be a little over half filled. Take the Silver in one hand and the matches in the other. Light the Match and heat the Silver as long as possible, while speaking and repeating your mantra/maxim/prayer/goal, as many times as possible. Use more than one Match if you need to. Drop the Silver in the Water when it’s too hot to hold. Once done here, do

Performance 2

Walk away as if…it’s done, as if you don’t have a worry in the world and you’re exited to no end about the next activity that’s going to take the next 15-30 minutes! We walk away with laughter if we can bring it, because we proceed as if we accomplished exactly what we asked.

May your spell bring more light to the world…

There it is. You just combined Earth, Water, Air and Fire with your mindset and the attitude you projected is working out there in the unseen energies that touch our lives. In the near future we’ll talk about Why It Works and Why It Doesn’t Work. Meanwhile, do let us know how it goes.


Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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