Day of the Dead

The Real Thing, Part 1 In this humble altar, the Day of the Dead, comprises a floor of knowledge that fuels almost everything we do, including healing, blessing, teaching, seeking the best life possible. We can’t list here how many philosophies, methods, inspirations, and powers we have learned and used from participating in the actualContinue reading “Day of the Dead”

DIY Limpias: The Right and the Power

You have the Medicine in you. Limpias are cleansings of the excess and foreign energies that we human beings attract over the course of our lives. In many Hispanic, Latino and indigenous communities, the limpia is a functional practice that falls under the heading of traditional medicine. We see medicine as anything from the realmsContinue reading “DIY Limpias: The Right and the Power”

Altar Work: Soul Retrieval, Part 2

Drum, Journey and Heal, a True Story In Part 1 we introduced Soul Retrieval as a cure for the loss of energy caused by trauma or shock. We said a practitioner of soul retrieval, a “shaman” perhaps, or a person who uses shamanic techniques, performs a “journey” to retrieve the lost energy/consciousness. The goal isContinue reading “Altar Work: Soul Retrieval, Part 2”

Altar Work: The Moon and the Jaguar

Earth Medicine Over the years the altar has gone from bare essentials to overstocking, everything from statues and crosses to feathers and stones. The altar goes through cycles and seasons, the “magic” of the week, three or four similar cases, and of course a current, supporting, philosophy.   It’s an altar because we needed a spiritualContinue reading “Altar Work: The Moon and the Jaguar”