Intentional Breathing: The Warrior

If You Want to Get Something Done

If you’re one who has stayed away from meditation and things like that, our title might be, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” But if you already know the power of breath, this could be, “Taking it to the next level.”

Warriors come in all shapes and sizes. Some carry weapons, others carry feathers. There always seems to be some kind of war in the third dimension, but wars are also happening in other dimensions, as in the mind or soul.

It’s a predatory world we live in, beautiful, powerful, yes, but predatory. Warriors, their attitudes and ways are integral to life on the planet Earth.

When the challenges of life come, many times we have to go to war, and many times that war is within ourselves.

Our warrior, serving as an example, sees opportunity in a simple but powerful fact; there’s neither war nor peace, without breath.

She knows breath does quite a bit, yet she notices everyone takes it for granted, unless of course, they’re having trouble breathing. Our warrior also knows that she has complete access to the technology of the breath, being that she’s breathing at this moment.

The warrior learns through her observations that one can do more with breathing besides surviving, learning to relax or lowering the heart rate.

This warrior, in particular, has an impossible housing situation which has gone on too long; something has to change. She knows of another warrior who has a life pattern that better change before it kills him. Many other warriors are also out there, looking for love and success, yet banging up against walls.

Through the obstacles we all face our warrior learns that intentional breathing advances the skill of any warrior and therefore furthers the cause of any war. She puts it to work.

Warrior breathing traditions, knowledge and secrets go back a few thousand years before Christ. Good breathing has to be a major factor in battle, quite pertinent to the situation, wouldn’t you agree?

The Samurai and the Aztecs come to mind: fierce, both tribes. The Samurai had generations of breathing knowledge around them, saw the need and fine- tuned the skills to what we call in modern times, the zone – ultimate calm within, while fully engaged physically.

The Aztecs, similarly, drew from the Toltec/Mayan wisdom and practice of the breath, going way back. Even our ancestors’ war cries were timed, intended breathing. Among other things our war cries created the illusion that there were too many of us to fight, with some success.

If you look up “warrior’s meditation” you’ll draw so much you won’t know where to start. We’re reading two warrior meditation books right now that tell us dozens of ways to approach the technology of breathing.

We’re also working with a Toltec Mexican meditation that is one of many meditations with intention. I refer to this meditation in several articles and we’re working on a class because it is so effective. You can imagine, the number of warrior meditations are as vast as their needs.

From our experience, having studied and applied much of this technology, we want to present an understandable core of warrior breathing so that’s if it’s something you’re interested in trying, you have a reference point.




ACTION, then learning how to do all three


Warriors have goals, good ones or bad ones, all have goals, intentions and motivations. When this can come into focus, like carving an arrowhead out of a chunk of flint, then we have Intention.

Whether it’s strategy or drill to prepare for a swim meet, or learning the ins and outs of specific meditations, the warrior prepares and practices. And here’s where all the traditions meet: she prepares and practices to such an extent that it’s inborn, automatic, instant. Preparation.

At every step of the way the warrior engages with the material, be it climbing a hill or working on wider peripheral awareness. Who ever heard of a warrior who doesn’t act? Action.

These three steps in a linear form are necessary, no doubt, linear thinking can kill a warrior when she’s in action. There’s no time to remember what the guidebook said, only time for decision and action.

At the time of action, the three steps must happen in a circular, dynamic form, simultaneously.

The ability to use breathing to better your station in life is in your hands. Engage in any way you like, or the best you can, but engage, act. Stay with it long enough to know for yourself. If you’re called to the warrior’s way, don’t hesitate.

Engage with us and we’ll give you ideas, recommend books, tell you success stories. Let us know if you want to know how our warrior, above, solves her housing problem. Email us at and check out the Intentional Breathing category in Dialogues.


Published by Mike Callas

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