Honoring Ancestors

Novena Begins May 24, 6AM MTN – 13 Minutes Long

Belief that humans experience an after life is widespread across our planet. A part of that story surrounds the social-cultural “knowledge” regarding unexpected deaths: the idea that humans dying before they are ready creates many “lost souls.” Our Covid 19 Deaths, locally, nationally and globally, are souls who weren’t expecting the end to come this way. As a result, many are lost in very real astral planes all around us. These recent deaths, now ancestors, gave their life in this pandemic, and survivors will learn from their passing, and survive. If any of this thinking resonates with you, you might like this article.

            The Novena, a nine day ceremony, is also an old human experience, known across the continents and cultures: in the Catholic Church, for instance, as well as in many Native American rites, to name a couple of the bigger examples.  

Over nine days May 24- June 1 at 6AM and for the next thirteen (13) minutes each day, we will perform ceremony in honor of the recent dead, those who died either directly by the virus or as a result of its damage. You are invited to participate in any way comfortable for you, from wherever you may be.

            We want to share some of the cultural-traditional practices of this altar and open it for participation in an inter-faith manner. While we honor these deceased in our manner, we provide generic/core possibilities for anyone who believes the after life needs a hand. From 6AM to 6:13AM we simply honor the recent dead and their families. How and where is entirely up to you; the key ingredient is the sincerity of your petition/intention for these recent ancestors.

  The instructions are designed to explain, perhaps reveal, a novena to the Santa Muerte, HolyDeath (more below on that controversial thought) in the form we follow at this altar. We’ll outline the steps, the actions and the Words/Palabra we will be using and along with this information we will provide structure, suggestions and substitutions for any one of any faith – basic prayer structure in comfortable ways.  

In these 13 minutes we will send thoughts for the recent dead and the surviving family and friends to find the LIGHT we all need, dead or alive. We want to honor these souls for their sacrifice and for what that may teach us about the big Earth change we are all experiencing.

            A basic principle at this altar is that along with the specific mission we each have on Earth, we each have the mission of purifying the blood that flows through us. We are speaking of a spiritual, metaphysical purification, of course. All our bloods go way back, and well, not everyone has been a positive force on the planet; this needed purification benefits us individually, benefits our ancestors where they may be, and also benefits our descendants, those who carry our blood forward. We are, after all, talking about science. DNA brings the facts, the factors, that affect our lives now, the entanglements, let’s say, in our family karma.

Makes sense, in light of human history, to cleanse our blood, don’t you think?

   This ancestral principle/mission goes way back in Mexico and Central America and has led to modern day forms like Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, from Mexico, the Tibetan Bardo (instructions for the Dead in the passage from one life to another, and the many Egyptian rites for the dead, before, during and after passing.

Our experience lies with the Day of the Dead. Most of the information regarding the Day of the Dead doesn’t come close to explaining or describing a traditional Day of the Dead – the preparation, the materials, the people who are invited, much less the dead who will be listed, announced and honored by song, smoke and drum. Our altar doesn’t claim to be a bonafide, approved traditional altar, nor authorities of any kind. We simply claim sincerity and are willing to share the experience we’ve had. We apply what we have seen to the times we live. In our context, by the way, “traditional” refers to times long before Columbus, back to Olmecs and Toltecs and Mayans.

            Some will criticize us for offering the information below and some will applaud us. There is controversy regarding the sharing of traditional, ancestral knowledge. The history of Native Peoples since the “conquest” is the record of our ancestors who gave their life so we could survive disease, treachery and genocide, an awesome inheritance, qué no?.

            Within our indigenous Mexican culture there has long been a Land of the Dead and a deity assigned to manage the movement of spirits. Pre-Columbus her name was, and still is, Miclantecuhtli – Lady of the Land of the Dead. In the twentieth century She took the form many would describe as a grim reaper, but that’s the only similarity, I assure you. The Santa Muerte is a full on deity with mission, principles and methods of worship. Actually She qualifies as a cult, in the best way of looking at it, and also in the worst perversions of cult imaginable, but given that it is entirely up to the will of the person who invokes Her, one can understand why it gets ugly.

            While our Mother, the Virgen Guadalupe gives love, harmony, fertility, healing, abundance and many miracles such as us latinos still being here and in abundance, Her sister, the Santa Muerte is about human will, which takes all the judgement out of it. There is only the decision made with whatever karma it brings. When one invokes the power of death, the only thing of its kind on planet Earth, one can, as they say, make things happen. In this context we see Her as the receiver of the dead, both the lightward bound and the lost.

            As you may have already guessed or may have known, the Santa Muerte, is quite controversial. Her present form first came in the late 20s, in secret until 1968 (and histories disagree) when She and Her Culto went public. She came for those the church forgot and for the women who needed power to survive, something you will read, even in the most negative accounts of Her. Calling upon Her means that we need something big to change, move, live, something, and we’re not getting the help we need. Like all power it begins with good in mind, but soon, unfortunately human history shows it gets poisoned real fast. You can imagine the controversy, and if you have comments or questions about it please email us at facilitator@hempcredible.org.

            We won’t list our directions here due to significance of the material but we have them ready for you on PDF. Email us at facilitator@hempcredible.org and we’ll get them to you by Saturday, May 23 in the AM.  Those clients who received an email from us, have the directions attached. We hope you can join us in some way and let us know if you have special groups or persons in mind, if you experienced some insight or if you have questions. Bendiciones



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