Is Cannabis Divine?

Or Any Other Plant, For That Matter?

The Garden of Eden, subject is one of the world’s oldest stories. We’ve learned it through religion, of course, but now for a while we’ve also learned of Eden via science, as well. Our point of view is like that: a little of both, science and religion.  

We all know the Garden was a paradise. Paradise, it seems, always has trees, right? The Story we’ve all heard focuses on one tree, but our Story is around two trees, and also, by the way, about two gods (as opposed to one we always hear about). Honestly, I wish the trees could tell the Story, then we wouldn’t be so confused.

One thing for certain, whatever Story you buy, the Garden of Eden is deep in our historical and future evolution.

Eve’s apparent guilt came because she was the first to catch on that she and Adam were human beings with the power of reproduction. That was previously unknown by what passed for humans before Eden. We still wonder, don’t we, what it may cost to take a bite from the the apple?

I think Adam took a little longer to figure it ou simply because women have more DNA than men. That’s just science. She ate of the Tree of Knowledge and that knowledge turned out to be how we figured out fire and wheel, babies and funerals. And Eve, and Women, have taken that hit, huh?

We know the apple came from the Tree of the Knowledge. We know that after Adam and Eve ate the apple, we – all humans from that point on – were punished by having to go on the hard Earth to suffer and die.

Wait! That happened because we learned, because we awoke from blindness to who we were? Really?

The other Tree, as many of you may know, was the Tree of Immortality, and well, clearly, we are not immortal, at least not as humans in the flesh. Our parents never got a shot at that tree.

Here’s where it gets good. The alleged single God, Enlil, had plans to take both trees out of Eden – in other words punish everyone there! That would have wiped us out.

However, there’s evidence that there were plenty of other gods around, and one of them was a brother named Enki, a god who knew that without knowledge the Earth and its new inhabitants would not survive.  

This god Enki and his god wife were top scientists and developed a heart for the humans of Earth, wanted them to survive and flourish. Imagine.

However, the god that takes all the credit for being the one god, Enlil, was taking both trees, Knowledge and Immortality, from the face of the Earth.

Enki obviously couldn’t save Immortality, but he found a way to hide Knowledge so the human race could survive.

They hid it in plain sight, putting the knowledge in the trees and plants, the Plant People.

And here we are, wondering whether a curative plant, like Cannabis, is divine. I think we need to wonder which brother we should call God, Enlil or Enki. Until we figure it out,

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Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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