A Secret of Success as Good as any other

Factors of Success

Success, we said in Part 1 of Finding Success, is simply making life better, leaving the true definition of success to you. We broke it up into factors.  

Factor 1: the “you” factor is everything. When we say success, we yell from the rooftops, “You.” You define it, you feel it and you find it.

Factor 2: The How – Path to Success – is a multiverse. The question is choosing the path, among the many that can and do work, that leads to your success.

But the path we choose, we said, especially familiar to those of us who have reached for success more than once, will challenge us and will, at least part of the way, have a painful face to it.

“What’s on the outside is a reflection of what’s on the inside,” we said, and all the angst and glory that comes with realizing the truth of that.     

Factor 3: Our personal opinions aside, human potential has proven over and over again to have no limits. If we can focus on the utter reality of that, then success can maybe get a Happy Face.

About that, one day all the Faces, the Pained Ones and the Happy Ones, hosted a big dance at the gym. Everyone was there.

There were the Painful Faces, Sadness, Terror, Anger, Wounded and Confused, and all the Happy Faces were there, Joy, Courage, Nurturing, Healing and Clear-eyed.

Pretty soon Healing was dancing with Confused, Anger was holding hands with Joy and Terror was trying a strange new dance with Clear-eyed. Good times, it seems.

Dances always start this way but then everyone remembers their Label, Name and Definition. That, of course, brings that nasty old Judgment into the picture. Joy knows she’s well or believes so anyway. Anger knows he’s upset beyond reason, and figures that’s what the world is.

Unfortunately, the labels we judge upon ourselves wind up defining us. Years later the dancers’ faces are many times the same as they were at the dance, either Happy or Sad, the Judgments solidifying the labels like concrete.

We human beings are creatures of reason and naturally we want to know why this happens or that happens. And yes, we have to make judgments at times, like it or not. It’s good to understand about our successes and failures, but these definitions and judgments overdone have stopped the dance, worse, they’ve stopped our personal dance from time to time.

Now the band is silent; the boys and girls are staring at each other across an empty floor. If we could hear minds, we’d hear things like,

“I’m too fat,” or “She’s so fat,” or

“What a dumbass I am!” along with, “Look at that retard.”

Guilt-blame, guilt-blame, etc. Know the pattern? 

We human beings put ourselves into boxes like that, don’t we?

As we get older our Judgements get more sophisticated, so we say something like, “It’s time for me to accept that I’ll never accomplish this…” or the ever popular polarity of that negative, “If these idiots would only listen to me, I’d be the boss, and then they’d see.”

No matter what direction our ego may take us, the thoughts and especially the judgments are quite limiting, aren’t they?

Definitions and Judgements Compromise Our True Power

We have a True Power? Yes, and I’ll give you a hint. It flows better than it sits.

We know about that power in the healing arts. It’s used in religion and magic as well. Whole industries, in fact, exist to help control this power. Conservatives and liberals know what it is. Even the President knows how to tweak this power.

Human emotions move mountains, oceans and skies, change worlds, create worlds and the list goes on. Emotions are one of the biggest differences between humans and other life forms on the planet.

At the same time, though, emotional discontent and entanglement are one of the greatest sources of our discontent. A blessing-curse dynamic.

Whatever we define as success is full of that emotional blessing-curse, isn’t it? By the same token, imagine if we could really harness the blessing power of emotions into our lives. What a Merry Christmas that would be.

The last few years the idea of Emotional Intelligence has taken form in psychology and self-help. We looked at some of that research and truly, this is a good thing, a promising development in education.  For one thing it provides an alternative to what we hear most of the time: control your emotions.

I wish I had a dollar for every time some person or organization communicated that to me.

Emotional Intelligence helps us understand and harness our emotions in rational, functional ways and that can only be good.

However, before we get too excited about the idea, we’re not really qualified to teach you about Emotional Intelligence, a method and technology out of our reach. We simply suggest it as another path to success from which to choose. Emotional Intelligence caught our eye because it has much in common with some of the things we were taught about emotion.

In learning healing, we are taught about feelings, but not in the context of defined emotion. We were shown feeling just as it shows up in our body, before we put a name on it and point blame at a cause.

For example, when a person comes to our altar, we talk about the issues that bring them here. This elicits feelings and we try to spot the feeling in the body.  

Feelings are electrical or magnetic or electro-magnetic: science. They are in constant flux as these types of energies should be. Once we put a name on them, we begin to constrict them, limit them, push them down, around, get control of them.

Our teachers took great pains to show us that when it’s feeling, it flows. When it’s an emotion or a judgment, it’s got edges and boundaries. Keep it flowing.  

Long story short, when we can catch feelings much can be done to simply move them without condemnation and without hurting anyone. This brings healing.  

For instance, when the sincere desire of the patient combines with the feeling of being healed, wow, we do see results. Some very real energy moves on behalf of the patient!

After a long while we saw this enough to realize that feeling, its very essence, is a major component of success.

That’s when the paths to success we chose started bearing fruit.  

In other words, Finding success is directly related to finding the feeling of success. When you can focus more on what you want, how it feels, and less on the need of it, you can make incredible progress.

It’s not always easy to find that feeling and keep hold of it. We believe that whatever you have to do – imagine, fantasize, pray, make ceremony, do penance – is worth the effort!

Feeling it, you see, feeling it strongly, without affecting anyone’s world except your own:

Adds to the path you’ve chosen or helps you find the right path. Some might say it’s the magic ingredient.  

Releases many of the emotions trapped in your organs that have slowed you down,

Can change pained faces into happy faces or simply neutral faces.  

Only you can decide if the effort is worth the prize but bringing feelings into the picture can and will change the picture. No matter what path to success you are following, if you bring feelings to it, your feelings, success will come.

Make art in your walk to success, sisters and brothers.

Next, we’ll look at Finding Healing, a close cousin to Finding Success.




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