What if you could make anything work the way it’s supposed to?

Premise. Healing has four dimensions: body, mind, heart and will. We focus attention mostly on the Body, what we can see and measure. Known science is strong here and rightly so, but Mind, Emotion and Will bring as much, and sometimes more, in the dynamics of healing.

In almost any healing, plants play a role. One must wonder if science or healing would exist without them. Science and tradition, both, tell us plants are the power to survive absolutely anything we will ever face on the planet, anything.

We’ve never been herbalists at this altar, sorry to say. However, a power/spirit plant from anise to peyote is always functioning in our circle, for us and those who come here, plants are foundation. 

The plant in question here is named hemp, cannabis, marijuana, aka nowadays CBD. The little plant and I have had a long relationship, but I didn’t understand the level of healing it offered until I couldn’t walk.

“Physician, Heal Thyself…go with what you already know,” was our first message.

Among other things that means we have to dig deep, go face our True Self. “True Self, how can I do this? The altar is closed, I’m down, can’t handle my load.”

True Self said, “You need to change it inside first.”

That also means many things, but here it was pointing at intentional breathing. I needed structures destroyed and rebuilt, at every level, simultaneously.

Enter Toltec inheritance in the form of a 168-day warrior’s meditation, one that I should have done in younger days.

I hit that meditation hard, in serious pain at the beginning, but slowly, those structures started to move in the right ways.

Second time through this meditation I found hemp oil. I had begun walking on canes already and functioning at 60-75%. The oil and I put the cane away and visits to the doctor/therapist turned more effective.

The hemp oil has helped my legs, my back, my blood pressure, and a hernia operation, but more than anything else, the hemp helped me with my mind, which was highly affected by my emotions.

It gets my attention when my motivation moves beyond handling the pain to something approaching expansion. By the time I was on my third long meditation I was opening back up.

I give great credit to the meditation, as you see, and the hemp. I haven’t stopped invoking the healing going on two years.

Isn’t that a combination of spirit and science? Or could we say a combination of Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit: Wholistic?

The relief I found brings the responsibility to pass the word. I did find a quality product, but does the product and company deserve all the credit? Does sharing my healing mean pushing one product?

On the other hand, does the meditation deserve all the credit? Is that the only meditation in the world that works?

We really can’t speak of hemp science without the meditation aspect and vice versa. We have all experienced the disappointment of a product’s promise and we all know about prayer that isn’t heard. Is a combination of spirit and science a better way to assure success?  

Here’s a little blueprint for anyone who might want to try Spirit Hemp. In Making Ceremony (link), which is another way of saying, invoking the healing in this case, we structure our approach through Purpose, Circle, Roles and Elements.


Compose your goals. What do you want hemp to do for you? Boil it down to under 10 words, something you’ll memorize after a few days of using hemp this way. Healing intention on meds, supplements and food is nothing new. We speak our intentions, our need to heal.


Your hemp oil is likely in a circular container and now the Circle is significant. The Circle has countless uses but here it represents the harmony of healing. Nothing extravagant, it can be a small space in the medicine cabinet, a place where you can keep all the pieces, hemp, goals, candle, whatever.


What symbolizes healing for you? A caduceus, a rabbit’s foot, a pharmacist’s mixing bowl? Maybe a picture of health, one you cut out from a magazine or maybe one you draw. One symbol is enough but if you like number work, three symbols would work for dynamics – positive movement in your healing, or four symbols would emphasize harmony.


I’m thinking you have the only role in this work, but if your situation is such that family, mate or friends could help, then consider it. They don’t all have to come over and take it with you, but if they’re thinking about you, hoping for the best, then it will help.


Your role: at your Circle, take a breath, slow the noise in your mind down a bit, try stop things for a second; your healing is worth the effort.

Honor your religious/spiritual background if you like. Invoke God or Goddess in the way you believe. The no religion way is good. Either way, simply state your goals, clearly, with or without emotions, although emotional emphasis does provide extra punch.

Anything you are inspired to add to Purpose, Circle, Element and Roles in this endeavor will empower your effort.

Love to hear how you feel after 30 days of trying this. It’s enormously powerful and really doesn’t take much, especially if you’re seeking healing that isn’t coming from elsewhere.

Our website has some more information available at hempcredible.org/spirit-hemp both on the meditation and the hemp oils/CBDs we use.


Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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