Theme: Power and Indigo

5/31 Today we added añil del muerto to the altar, an herb that translates to English as indigo, which I admit surprised me. I’ve known the herb all my life as the name used here, translated, “indigo of the dead” and also espanta muertos, the“scare the dead” herb. Its qualities, both medicinally and magically, are wide-ranging and quite strong and for the good. Again, a topic for future consideration.

We brought this little herb today because we think it speaks to today’s theme: Power. It’s a prayer about destiny and free will, our potential; it’s about breaking bad habits and avoiding negative behaviors, and it’s about keeping our mind clear.

On June 2, the day after we complete the Novena, late in the afternoon, the original speakers in this ceremony will gather to say thank you to God, to the Santa Muerte and to the many souls who joined our voice in this. We will bring offerings, sing and speak, offer smoke and light. In the smoke we will burn the añil del muerto. El es Dios.

Comments, Participants Day Eight

“I set up my altar, my candle, and started singing and praying. Today I was calm and used my quartz to send protection and light, lots of light. I saw something that for me is not very common…I saw many black gargoyles, like bats in line, forming a row…In front of them are the white Santa Muertes. The Santas were opening the way for the dead, without fighting, just opening, the gargoyles receding. There was a long bridge behind them, I suppose for the passage of the souls.”

“I saw people walking, very dark over that bridge, all the gargoyles or bats with very large wings…I sent light and protection. I hope God will continue to make way for those souls, that the Santas continue to lead them…God’s in front of us.”

I found this feather outside when I finished.”

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