Theme: Work & Money Plus the Awakening

5/30 In my younger years, first learning the Novena, I struggled with this day. What do the dead have to do with work and money?

Over the years I slowly understood the answer. The most obvious reason to pray for this is the living who stay behind who have to figure out the funeral, the estate, all that. Less obvious, except to those who have to deal with it, is the money and work affairs the deceased left behind. Commitments possibly weren’t kept, debts were left unpaid, and perhaps some of this falls to the living, but it follows the dead in certain ways, too.

Work and money affairs can certainly affect the mourning, which affects the dead, especially if we believe that the dead have to answer or at least review their time on Earth. I realized that our prayers for the dead help them with these karmic issues, and that happens in so many ways, we’ll have to talk about it later.

By the way, today we bring the Drum, the huehuetl, an old being in the ways of our ancestors. We add some echo, some depth to our songs, to reach out there further.

At the end the second speaker asked with great passion for the people to wake up, take care of our elders, help the dead! El es Dios.

Comments, Participants Day Seven

“Today was a different day. I started with the expectation of seeing and feeling like the other days, but She just showed up and told me two things. Beware of the fake Santitas. I  meditated and thought about that. The second thing was that I was led to review the cases of covid 19 infections in NM and I could see that we have 3 consecutive days with about 100 cases per day; prior to this we had had in the state about 200 cases daily. It made me feel full of faith and know that our prayers and the prayers of so many people in the world are vibrating loudly and resonate in God’s heart.”

“Today was a time of reflection on the Mictlan (Land of the Dead). According to the Mexicas it is a place where the dead go, consisting of nine staggered levels that each soul must traverse. The time they stay there is 4 years before transcending where we would call “heaven.” Today they show me the importance of giving light and prayers to the beings who are in this place. I share below a solemn prayer that was used by the Mexicas to dismiss their loved ones:

“Oh, children! You have passed and suffered the work of this life; our lord has already been served, leading you, for we have no permanent life in this world and briefly, as one who warms up in the sun, is our life; give us mercy our lord that we met and talked to each other in this life and now, to the present Mictlantecuhtli, already he put his seal on you, because all of us will go there, and that place is for everyone and it is very wide, and there will be no more memory of you; and you have already gone to the dark place that has no light, no windows, nor do you have to leave again, nor should you be careful and ask for your return. After you have been absent forever and ever, you have already left your children, poor and orphans and grandchildren, nor do you know how the work of this present life must end or pass; and we’ll go where you were there before long.”

Thanks for that jewel! El es Dios!

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