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5/26 We decided to bring the bells in today and rang them exactly once, between the Invocation and the Petition, after the lost spirit’s song.

Spirit gives you nod at the right moment. Since we only rang it once, it had an initiation, a start signal, in it.  

At that point while the first speaker was reading the Petition I saw myself as a small part of a huge flame that was indeed being seen and approached. Then a bunch of lights violet, amber and white popped up in the sky, in a sacred hoop. They stayed until the end and they are still strong in my memory.

When the second speaker named a certain deceased child, the child’s light showed up, or another light showed up at that exact moment.

There’s movement, no doubt. We call it ollin, a quickening of sorts. El es Dios.  

Comments, Participants Day Three

This participant can’t join us at the exact time, so does so at 4:30am, “… but I’m happy to join in. I light my veladora and sing the song of the saints, the divine, to break the chains of the lost. It’s good to bring prayers with everyone, thank you.”

May Your Sun Always Shine

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Named curandero, healer, by the people we serve, we're close to 40 years living around our humble altar. Our experience has created a legacy we are inclined to share, as well as inspired many a story and the making of myth. In true toltec fashion, we make art.

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