5/25 With preparation minimal today anticipation rises in the half hour before ceremony – hoping to see, to feel something from the great movement happening now between the lands of the Dead and the Living.

The two speakers grounding the ceremony at the altar make it possible for other members of the circle to journey, see, experience, catch a message, send one perhaps. At certain times when the circle gets stronger the speakers can fly off somewhere, so to speak.

Today we keep the rattles on one single rhythm to let Spirit know we’re serious, through all the songs. Also, in a manner of speaking the altar has asked for a couple of crystals (as pictured). The speakers reverse order today and we stretch out our songs and dedications a bit.

One feels a line, a connection of some kind, when the Dead are named or specified. The more specific connections one gets, the greater the awareness of how many more souls are behind the one just named. El es Dios.  

Comments, Participants Day Two

“The heart moves knowing the intense emotion, love and healing in this Novena. El es Dios!”

“Day two. The light of the lightning and the singing of the calandria accompanied us this day. Perhaps lightning makes us closer to the light, or possibly it’s here as a lament. The singing of the calandria kept praising and worshipping with us. It’s been ten minutes since I finished and she stopped singing too. I am honored by the presence of Almighty God and the good spirits that accompany us. Thanks to the Santita who has had a lot of work in recent weeks. Thank you to all of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

May Your Sun Always Shine

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