Novena Log Day One

Novena 5/24 Day One LOG

5/24 We’ve done this a few times so the prep was routine, quiet, organized quickly. But when you get your hands on the candle and you begin to see those who you are praying for, well, the simplest thing I can say is that it’s anything but routine.

When you put a little emotional spark, at least, in the Invocation, and assuming you don’t get knocked off track by the gremlins, it builds intensity from there. Spirit responds to this.

Between the Invocation and the Petition we sang a traditional song for the release of pained spirits. We’ve sung it many times to help the dead, especially those who present themselves in people’s lives. We held the candle during this time and thought of the deaths down the street, and the ones on Navajoland, and the ones in Florida and New York. At this moment the emotion and sincerity you brought bring the same from out there.

The second speaker read the petition, bringing her emotion into it. We hit a happy traditional song here, assuming our prayers answered and the souls released. This time I was thinking about the specific people I was going to mention after the song. I did that resisting some tears but not all of them. Candle still in hand by the way.

The second speaker led our three repetitions, today we chose the Lord’s Prayer. She recited and I rattled (the sound is fuel to move the lost and aid those seeking it).

Finally, we lit the candle and sang traditional thanks. The whole process, actually surprising to us new in this virtual world, took 11 minutes. We talked about the others joining is this, how it might have gone, the power of synergy. El es Dios.

Comment on Day One by Participant

“I saw a lot of yellow and golden light. Waves of energy came in and I started to feel a lot of pain in my chest, my heart and my left ear. I grabbed my quartz to send more light and protection to the many souls who suffer trapped. I know that God and the Santa will help them find their way. I wanted to cry, sighed deeply and sang the song of chained/trapped souls. Then I saw a lot of pink light and in the end, violet. Above the roof I saw a circle of dark black energy closing from a large to a small energy mass. Beautiful energy!”

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