Hemp and the Three Chronics

Sleep, Stress and Pain Or Why Things Don’t Work

If your eye is catching the CBD, Hemp and Marijuana ads you’ve likely heard testimonials about one of these three chronic illnesses of our times.

After you deal with sleeplessness for a while, you know there are causes, much more detailed than “can’t sleep,” causes that underlie your insomnia. We can call it stress, but clearly, it’s deeper than that, especially to the one suffering.

Pain keeps us awake also, but what brought the pain? Injury? The stress of the job? A broken heart? We say we’re feeling a little stress to a co-worker. We may or may not have someone to tell that stress for you is the deep hurt caused by…

These Big Three Chronics dance with each other, don’t they?

Can you imagine how many products exist aimed at these big three and how long they’ve been around, evolving, devolving, and back?

New, better, faster products keep coming out because whatever it is, we’re using isn’t working like as promised (and there’s big bucks in the sale, of course).

We all live with that, so onward, but the damage to the other big three, body, mind and heart demands a look at the sources of sleeplessness, stress and pain.

Actual medical causes of the chronics fall into areas like the organs, the nerves, the digestive system, the respiratory system, circulatory system, endocrine glands, high blood pressure, heart disease, lupus, and on this medical level, this list doesn’t begin to cover it.

Outside medical definitions however we find causes in two other equally huge areas, namely, our emotions and our mind.

How many emotions, for instance, do we simply swallow, deny because one situation or another doesn’t allow us to express ourselves? What about when we don’t swallow the emotion but express it in terrible ways?

And pain? How does the pain affect your mental acuity? Or the actual ability to do the job? What does the pain keep you from and is there some emotion in that for you?

Unsettled emotions and mental discomfort are cause, too, aren’t they?

Allow me an oversimplified comparison. If the electromagnetic current in our cars doesn’t flow right, neither will our travel plans. The body’s a bit more complex, but same principle. If fuel and power don’t work well, then parts of the car (its organs, per se) go out.

Engine, fuel and a smooth-running motor for us are body, mind and feeling good. When we are running well, body, mind and heart have harmony. When we’re stalling, something’s off.  

The causes of the three chronics, and the complexity they reveal, help to explain why so many medications and supplements don’t work like they’re supposed to.  

In terms of hemp and CBD, like other supplements, one hears,

The combat vet, “Slept like a baby first time in eight years,” after using X CBD.” Or

Regarding Product Y, “My friend tried it, and well, she said nothing happened for her.”

I imagine you’ve heard and shared some of those stories and in a large part the next couple of articles will be talking about making your story a good one, specifically opening a way to improve your results with supplements and meds.    

You know our story. We named our altar after hemp.

We are beholding to science and in the current environment even more so, however most medical treatment separates body, mind and heart. If it’s mental, see a shrink; emotional, see a priest; in your body, call the doctor.

Making hemp work, like making anything work, is really a whole operation, holistic, a full circle operation, fully staffed office, so to speak.

Let’s say, I have back pain, need to see a back specialist, but I’m having to work and also happen to have a teenager going upside down right. Or, have you heard about the diabetic who waited too long to check his feet? Each one will have a story of what was happening in their lives when X happened.

Each situation pushes on the other, doesn’t it? For many of us living that way cycle is almost the norm!


While there are obstacles to healing in our particular situations that we can do nothing about, there are certain parts of our healing that we can indeed affect, to bring things our way, or at least more our way.

We found a word that really helped us put it all together, a way to describe the condition of our body, mind and heart. Under that word we find the big three chronics we described above, in context of the real big three – body, mind and heart.

As per Oxford, Homeostasis, “the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.”

For the moment, let’s say it like this; Homeostasis speaks of a most special balance! We find that talk about pills, memory and prayer can happen in the same conversation. We believe it one of the most holistic, whole-istic, full circle, frameworks – mental-contextual – we’ve ever heard! Of course, it helps hemp work better, but it helps anything you’re doing work better as well.  

Hemp and Homeostasis, 9/9/2020.


Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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