Common Person Altar First Sending Ceremony

September 27, 2019: New Moon Eve

Healing talk begets healing. When trust is gained people share their desires and when these are shared to/with a healing network, they become prayer requests with more power potential than “normal,” as in when we say, “All I can do is pray.”

We heard of tougher situations, asking for those who can’t, ancestral cleansing, the divine and profane, karma, multidimensionality, dealing with doctors, power, keeping a woman alive long enough to see her grandchildren, help for young people living under high pressure and finally courage, self confidence and faith.

The Video. A straight forward, unreahearsed , unpolished, not for entertainment, eight minute prayer ceremony. If you are one of those individuals that simply prays about things all the time, whether your faith is up or not, you might enjoy or at least connect with the video and its intent. Of course all are welcome to view it, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t limit some expectations while we expand on the word prayer.

The Thesaurus says pray is also: ask, beseech, visualize, see what you want, urge, recite, appeal, petition, request, say, solicit, brace, crave, entreat, implore, invoke, supplicate, cry out…

If any of those verbs are acceptable to you then we urge to find out what prayer (or any of those other actions) can do in your life.

Our next Sending Ceremony is October 26, 2019, New Moon Eve. Take action.

Published by Mike Callas

Michael Parra Callas authors and presents both non-fiction, aimed at better living in hard times, and fantasy, focused on magic and the imagination. El autor escribe y presenta ambos, no-ficción, para vivir mejor en tiempos difíciles, y fantasía para inspirar la imaginación.

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