Theme: Justice and the Navajo Nation

5/28 Today we brought more Wing work to the altar (picture above). This inspired artisanship was crafted by a Navajo brother, a Desert Storm vet, named John. John became an ancestor a few years back and today he joined us in prayer. When the Sky Circle opened in the singing, John’s father. John Chee, who died before, and my Grandpa Dineh way, John Chee, also showed up, along with a few other departed Navajo brothers and sisters to help these Corona veterans.

Interesting message. Something about justice for the Navajo maybe? Into the Light.

Our second song today was about all of us in our perspective roles, speaker, participant, deities. It’s a Courage song, courage in the battle ahead to make sure “the light splits itself into four halves to form the cross in proper fashion.” Something to think about. El es Dios.

Comments, Participants Day Five

“I saw two rows of souls walking and several Santa Muertes, one white and many of other colors. There were several Santita on the path leading the Dead and I saw white light where they walked.” She continues,

“Today, very curiously, Some family people and co-workers who are already on another spiritual plane come to mind. I think even they are helping with this novena. We need Her, both the dead and the living.  Prayer, much prayer and daily dedication, to ask for this blessed world and our people.” El es Dios. Another participant says,

“Today in prayer I saw rain falling from the sky, it was clean and healing. First it started raining on me, then in the community, the city, all over the world. This living water cleaned everyone up. I stood still, listening and feeling. With peace, seize the day.”

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